My last few posts have been of a paranormal nature. It has always been an interest of mine. My first apartment was haunted. Shortly after my wife moved in she started experiencing what I already knew happened.

Every morning I would hear footsteps shuffling across my floor to the head of my bed. My wife, Abbie, called me one day to tell me someone sat down at the foot of the bed while she was in it alone. And there were the typical things being moved.

Another house we lived in had a randomly flushing toilet. The dog wouldn’t let Abbie into the basement on more than one occasion. My son even saw an old lady sitting on the bed.

We found this out when he said, “mommy, the old lady was sitting on my bed. It’s okay though she was nice.” When he described her, it was exactly the same description my wife and I both had for what we had seen.

One night I had had enough of him being scared of his bedroom and went in with a digital recorder to have a chat with her. I asked a few questions, even got some responses and she turned on my flashlight, which had been laying on the bed.

There were the events that I shared on other posts in the hotel and museum too. This has fascinated me. I want to pursue more haunted hunting locations. I want to go in and see what I can find.

So, the question is, Would you do it? Would you go into a place said to be haunted, by yourself and see what happened? Would you face fears just for the heck of it? Would you spend your money for a hobby like that?

I’m not so sure my wife would let me. If she did I know she would worry. That’s okay because I would do it. Would you?

Are there spots you know that should be on my list? Is there a place I should avoid? I want input on this. I know South Dakota is a heck of a place to start. Maybe I should.

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