My youngest daughter, Bella, has blossomed a lot over the last 3 months. In February she got tubes in her ears and it completely changed her world. It’s been a blast to watch.

The night they put the tubes in Abbie came home from work, and Bella kept repeating “mom” because you could tell it sounded different to her. It has been fun to watch as she learns more with her improved hearing.

Today we went for a walk and she talked the whole time. It was mostly about the cat they had that went missing. It’s name is Catfur. Creative I guess.

Anyway, she kept asking where Catfur was. Then she would answer herself, Maybe he is brushing his teeth. He is using his cat tooth brush. Maybe he went to get coffee. Maybe he is eating lunch at his house.

Then we had an interesting conversation about blowing her nose. This is when I learned that in the mind of a 2 year old you have to take off your shoes to blow your nose. But only when you are standing on the toilet paper.

She has had huge gains just in the last week. Her conversations are getting more complex and I can see her brain working extra. I have had a lot of fun with her this week. Next thing I know she will be 30.


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