I just started a job at a hotel in South Dakota. It’s at another haunted hotel. The cool thing is, they embrace the hauntings. There is even a book in the lobby that explains the hauntings and origins.

I asked a couple of employees what they have heard as far as complaints of ghost activity goes. I have a couple new things to look forward to.

At four years old the founders daughter died. I believe the cause was tuberculosis but I won’t say for sure. Over the years there have been complaints of a little girl laughing in the halls and knocking on doors.

One night a guest called down to complain about this same thing. What she didn’t know what the story of the little girl. It did however confirm the stories a co-worker of mine had heard.

Shortly after being built, a bride jumped from an 8th story window on the night of her wedding. This to me is a drastic way to celebrate. I’m kidding, it’s a really sad story. Another story is about an employee that hung herself in a guest room closet.

These are just the stories I was told with little information about them. I look forward to hearing stories and having experiences as my time there continues. I can keep you updated. In the mean time, tell me a place I should check out.


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