Today we had a rather lazy mother’s day. My wife woke up in excruciating pain from an abscessed tooth. We decided to get up and go to church anyway.

By the time we made our 45 minute drive to church she had reached the point where she didn’t want to be around people. She was hurting too bad, and just wanted to go home. So, that’s what we did.

She rarely allows me to cook so when we got home, she made lunch. She didn’t eat with the rest of us, but she tried. Then she went to lay down. Two hours later she woke up with a swollen jaw and could barely open her mouth.

We knew the emergency room was not really the best place to go, but we went. That was a nice 100 mile drive there. Oh, did I mention the 7 miles of mud and slop that we had to get to just to get to the highway. Yeah, that was there too because it has rained for 2 days. Oh well, we live in a pretty spot.

When we got to the hospital, she went back and I waited in the lobby with the kids. Apparently the doctor yelled at her for not coming in sooner. About an hour later she came out with some pain killers and antibiotics. She should be up and running in a couple days.

We got dinner and went home. Another 100 miles. But again, it’s a nice spot. When we got home we discovered one of our 2 dogs was missing. All the doors and windows were closed. We had no clue how he got out.

It was time for the kids to go to bed, and they were upset that the dog was gone. Morgan told me, “daddy I can’t sleep if Loki is gone.”

Guess who wound up looking for the dog in the dark and the mud. That’s right, I did. After about 15 laps through our little community I finally found Loki. He was a block down the road. I could see him from the house.

I picked him up and took him home. Luckily, this was enough for abbie and the kids to fall asleep while I figured out how Loki had escaped.

He had forced open the bedroom door and jumped out a window. While Abbie rested on the couch, I boarded up the window. He shouldn’t be able to get out anymore.

I really hope next mother’s day is better for Abbie. She is an awesome mom and deserves. Even more, I hope she can get in to see a dentist soon and take care of her tooth. On a good note, we got to see a killer sunset.

Happy mother’s day.


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