One of the things I have looked forward to, since we found out we were having a boy 6 years ago, was playing baseball with him. Unfortunately life got in the way of that. Shortly before he was born my health went to crap.

I got the early symptoms of a neurological disorder that has yet to be diagnosed. I lost my strength and stability and wasn’t able to do half of what I wanted to. For 5 years it just got worse.

In a few days my son, Ricky, is graduating from head start. This is barely an accomplishment, but he’s excited. He is a book worm, and highly intelligent.

However, he has zero athletic ability. My health issues over the last several years have not helped this. It also doesn’t help that his mom is not athletic. Luckily, I have felt really good for the last 6 weeks or so. I got playful.

For his graduation present we got him a baseball and glove. He wasn’t supposed to get them until after his graduation on Friday, but daddy got excited. After dinner we got to go out and play a little catch. He was super excited to find out that his new glove matched mine.

He had a blast. He did manage to catch one ball in the half hour or so we played. The neighbor kids came over and they got to play too. I couldn’t feel too bad. They are older than him and no better.

It looks like I may be able to teach a few boys in the neighborhood some baseball. They are clumsy, and terrible at it, but they put their best in to learning. It’s hard to ask for anything else. After all, I finally get to play catch with my boy.


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