This weekend was a busy one. What was supposed to be pretty laid back turned into a pretty busy time. Friday was the busiest day, but also the most fun.

It started off as a plan to go to a preschool graduation party for my son, Ricky. It was a good time, and watching him was a blast. The ceremony simple and contained some Lakota songs, which was cool. Living on the reservation has been fun for that cultur lesson.

After his graduation, I had the opportunity to talk to a book store, Black Hills Books and Tresures, in Hot Springs, about carrying Morgan Goes Fishing. It will be available on June 1st, so I am trying to find sellers. I was lucky enough to leave with a small order for my books. She even offered me a chance at some side work. Score!

Next we wound up going for a drive in the Black Hills. We ended up going by Mount Rushmore as a surprise for Ricky. Even as he read the signs as we got closer, I had convinced him it was just the route we were driving.

This made for a happy little Little herd. The girls loved seeing the presidents and Ricky decided he wanted to be President one day. I hope he changes mind.

The rest of the weekend was fishing and hanging out with the kids. Ricky turned into quite the little fisherman. Morgan and Bella both had a blast and the kids asked when I am going to write my next book, while quoting me Morgan Goes Fishing. It was fun.

It was a lot busier than we had planned. Some things aren’t really worth talking about. 143 hours of driving doesn’t make for good story telling. We visited the hills, saw some cool sites and enjoyed some much needed family time. We needed that.


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