Yesterday I got an interesting opportunity. The owner of one of the bookstores carrying Morgan Goes Fishing offered me some old books to sell. They are old history books. I love books, especially the old ones.

I jumped at it. Sometimes when a good opportunity comes you have to. I have thought about buying and selling books for a while now. It’ll help pay bills, and keep my kids books rolling out.

I’m an opportunist. If it’s a way to get ahead, I’m all for trying it. Multiple income streams has always been something I tried for.

Along with this new side venture, I have picked up 2 new bookstores this week, and released Morgan Goes Fishing. It’s selling fair so far.

The best opportunity came for my wife. A new teaching opportunity came at a school she hadn’t applied it. She had been recommended for the position without submitting an application. By the time Thursday came, she had a job with a substantial raise.

We have worked hard, dug deep and struggled, but for now things are looking up. It’s been an interesting week.

Don’t be afraid to jump at a new chance. You never know what could happen. Sometimes it falls flat, but dust off and keep moving. Other times, you may just get a better deal than you realize. It’s been a good week.