The last week has been ridiculous. Do you ever have those weeks where you go nonstop and find yourself in a completely different spot than you planned. That’s what happened this week.

I mentioned before that my wife was asked to apply for a position at a new school. She got the job. Suddenly we found ourselves having to move. We got a place lined up. Sort of.

At the start of the month I sold an old pick up i had since just before we got married. It was my baby. A 1979 Dodge Power Wagon. This would have been enough to cover the cost of the move.

I wasn’t expecting this move though, so I paid some bills since our summer income was going to be tight. It made sense. It still does. They are at least paid, and less worries through the summer. But if I hadn’t paid them, we could move.

So, against much protest my wife asked for a loan. To move. This is a terrible idea. I hate loans. I hate debt. Dave Ramsey helps me hate debt.

But it’s there now. And we are moving. Our whole week is going to be busy and wild. We have a lot of driving to do to get things done. We have to pack, and get the deposit paid for the new house.

Is this week over yet? Oh, did I mention that all this us going on while I get Morgan Goes Fishing sold. We have 30 so far. That’s cool. I’m also launching a new venture.

So, it’ll be busy and I will probably lose my mind. In the end it will be worth it. Hopefully it won’t be as bad as it’s looking right now.