I havent shared a Scott and Dan story in a while. This is a funny one. Two guys, snow and ice, and bad luck. It was our specialty I believe.

Day 1

We decided to do a February hike in southern Indiana. It was my first winter hike and I learned a heck of a lot. And I had a blast.

We first set out and it was easy enough. We hiked a couple miles out to our campsite and all was well. Witha nice comfortable 16 degrees, we discovered that we couldn’t a fire going. We set up the tent an hunkered down for the night.

The frozen ground made for a less than comfortable bed. My sleeping bad was not winter rated, so it wasn’t a great nights rest. At least I had foot warmers?

Wrong! The warmers we brought didn’t work. I had on 3 pairs of socks, two pairs of pants, 2 shirts and my coat. I was still cold.

To make it better, Scott went pee through the night and didn’t close the tent flap. I woke up with my feet hanging out of the tent.

Day 2

I could barely move my toes, and I’ve already had a case of frostbite. We decided to make a slow trip back in to town to get some gear better suited for the trip.

The trip back in was decent enough until we got to Wal-Mart. We were warm. As we walked into the store I realized I had a relatively large knife hanging off me. I took it off and put it in my coat to not attract attention.

I failed. A man walked up to Scott while we were looking at gear, whispered to him, then walked away. Scott laughed and told me that security had been called on us because we looked suspicious.

About 2 seconds later 2 management members walked by. A minute later two more. They followed us until we left.

After making it back to camp we decided to make a water run. It was about 100 feet down a hill to a small creek collecting melt off. We made fast work of losing our footing and sliding down the hill on our butts.

The trip up was more comical. We babystepped all the way up. One tree at a time. About half way up, Scott dropped a bottle out of his pocket and had to watch it slide back down to the creek. I let him go back for it.

When night fell we lit our fire and pulled our sleeping bags out to sleep by the fire and stay warm. Before we fell asleep Scott told me, “wake me up so I don’t roll into the fire.”

It was supposed to be a joke. I think. About 2:00 am I heard, “Ah, crap! Why didn’t you wake me up?” I raised up and looked over to see Scott’s sleeping bag on fire. He really had rolled over into a fire.

We got the fire out, laughed, and went back to sleep. He slept with a hole about a foot across in his bag. I slept nice and warm in my unburned bag.

The nect morning we got up and hiked out. It was warmer that morning than the two other days had been. Before leaving town we stopped at Waffle House for breakfast.

We couldn’t figure out why the waitress stood back from the table while we ordered. She didn’t come back to see how we were doing either.

I figured it out a couple weeks later when i went to visit Scott. His wife had asked us to go to the store for something. When we got in the car it hit me.

It was foul. I asked, “Dang, what is that smell?” I just thought Scott’s daughter had lost a milk cup and it spoiled in the car. Scott laughed, “Ha. That is us my friend. It’s smelled that way since the knobstone.”

Apparently our 3 days spent in the same clothes made an impact. He had used 2 bottles of febreeze and couldn’t get the smell out. It was awful.

It was not a smooth trip by any means. Fun? Yes. Stupid? Probably. Well planned? Not even close. Would I change it? Not one bit.

The good times stand out as much as the bad ones. Don’t let a bad experience ruin a good story. Embrace the stupidity.