A few weeks ago we had an idea. I decided to offer a signed copy of Morgan Goes Fishing to my Facebook friends. It turned out really well.

What had originally been a plan for 15 books turned into 30. Tonight I got the first 15 packed up to ship. This is an exciting time. We were able to come in under the projected costs for shipping to.

I am slowly getting the hang of some of the marketing ideas. I still have a long way to go. But, in my first 28 days on the market Morgan Goes Fishing sold 68 copies. I think there are a few more that haven’t been processed yet, but I have 68 confirmed sales.

If everything goes okay I plan to get my own isbn and sell them here and under my other pages. It’s a nice way to cut out the all powerful Amazon. I love Amazon, but there is a such thing as too big.

I also like the idea of being able to put in a personalized thank you note in the envelopes. Personalized business is good. It offers a special something. I don’t want a customer to be just a number.

In the next couple days we will be launching a new author interview. Keep an eye out for that. For a new item, we also have our first book review coming up.

We are growing. Changes are coming. Once we are all settled in with the new move and starting my new job, I will be able to start sharing more stories. Have a great day everybody.