I have had a heck of a time getting any extra time doing any sort of writing. I have been working a crazy schedule, then trying to get things done at home. In the middle of it all I came in to a new project that has also been pretty demanding.

That being said, I have a new book to work on. This is a project that got started several years ago, but the lady didn’t have any idea where to start. It is a story about her 3x great grandmother.

Born in 1755, Lizzie lived to be 110 years old. Her granddaughter was told stories through her childhood and wanted to share it with others. We met on Facebook and have been working on getting things in order to make it come to life.

We have set a deadline of October 1st because the first book, in what will hopefully be a series, is based on a haunted house. Lizzie played a trick on the neighborhood kids by making things happen to scare them.

I am really excited to get this book going. It will be geared for 8-12 year olds.

My collaborator is going to start a gofundme page to get the funds up to get the book in place. Please feel free to check it out and donate, if you feel so inclined. The ultimate goal is to encourage others to dig into their roots and find the standout characters.

I will share the post here when it is ready. Until then, don’t forget about Morgan Goes Fishing on Amazon. Sales have stalled this month. Have a great night everybody.