So, as I posted last week, I am working on a new book. This is a book set in the 1700s and includes tales of George Washington, haunted houses and just a plain life rich with memories. Well, we hit a snag. It’s a big one.

The Lizzie Andrews Series may be going off track. We were getting things in place for a gofundme page when our illustrator backed out. She sent us a contract on Friday for illustration details, and on Monday we got a message that she couldn’t do the work.

I don’t hold it against her at all. My collaborator hadn’t signed the contract yet so she wasn’t bound. She is also taking on a full time job. I can’t blame her for wanting to have steady income.

I work full time and have my health troubles. Everyone has a story. I don’t hold things against anyone. That’s not my job.

We are currently searching for a new illustrator that can work on a period piece and make it fit. We need mid 1700s details and style. It’s an exciting project. We just lost a little steam.

My collaborator, Kathy, is very discouraged. Understably I believe. So, if anyone is interested in a little art project of 8-10 pictures, with the possibilities of portraits, and has a good rate, let me know. I can run it past Kathy and we can get in touch. We are hoping to be up and running soon.

Until then, I have my next book Belly and Betty Bear’s Big Fight in the works. This is the story for my youngest daughter Bella. Her favorite toy is her Betty Bear. It’s a doll her mom made her. They do everything together. It’s cute.

Don’t forget to check out Morgan Goes Fishing on Amazon. I want to get the funds up to get out of Createspace and print my own. We all know how money is. Click on ads I guess, or buy lots of copies of Morgan Goes Fishing through the link!

Have a great night everybody. Oh, and before I go, i will be back to more regular posts next month. Abbie has asked me to stop working when she starts teaching again. So long all.