I have terrible luck. All the time, it’s just awful. I actually don’t believe in luck. I think it all comes down to what you are willing to out into something.

Anyway, we started looking for a new illustrator for the Lizzie Andrews Series. We have had some awesome submissions with a lot of real talent being shown off. They should be proud.

I have talked to probably 15 people who are interested. But then, my computer died. In the middle of all the emails and messages and file saving to forward to my collaborator, the computer died.

Oh and guess what else happened. My Neuro issues caught up with me and I missed 2 days of because I can barely walk. It’s been a great week.

It could be a lot worse. I can still use my phone to work on stories and get things in order. I should be back to work Saturday, but my wife has asked me to put in my notice.

She will be starting back to school soon and is working on getting her classroom ready. So, I will be a stay at home dad again. It will definitely help with the writing. The blog can get much needed attention, and I can spend time with Bella.

It’s been an interesting week, but nothing we can’t get past. I am looking forward to writing more. Maybe it was all just good luck at a bad time. It’s all in how you see it.

I may schedule some haunted trips too to add some stories there. I will be able to focus on my book sales on Biblio and promote my previous and upcoming works. There is plenty to do. It’s just overwhelming right now.