Hello again. Last week was a rough one, but we seem to be off to a fair start to the week. Let’s hope it stays that way.

I mentioned before that we had lost our illustrator. Her timing was awesome, she backed out the same day my co-author went on vacation. Normally this would be a job for her, but I took care of it.

We found an awesome art student to help on the project. We have her some ideas on what we were looking for and she delivered. She got in touch with us just yesterday.

Her work is the cover photo for this post. She captured the time period for the Lizzie stories pretty well. So, we are back on track.

We also decided on a different story. This will help tremendously with setting up the gofundme page and building interest in the book. We are gearing this one toward a story where Lizzie met George Washington. It will be released somewhere around Presidents Day.

One project is back on track, I had to put my notice in at work, and I am beyond exhausted. But We are making progress. Have a great day guys.