When we have a hard couple of weeks it’s hard to keep perspective. I haven’t been able to work in over a week and it makes me crazy. Now to put that the right way, I haven’t been able to work at the hotel for a week. I have however made huge progress with my books.

In a disappointing month, Morgan Goes Fishing sold 1 copy in July. For a first time, self published, unknown author I can’t complain. But I will be bummed.

There have been big steps for the Lizzie Andrews Series. We found our new illustrator. Contracts are made and sent. We should have them signed tomorrow.

I got a gofundme page set up for Lizzie. We have done a lot of fine tuning to get to this point. The goal is to make a series of up to 6 books.

Our first book is about Lizzie meeting General George Washington. These are all true and documented stories. She danced a cotillion dance with a cup undisturbed on her head. He was so impressed he gave her a pair of silk stockings that survived until the 1950’s. You see why we want to share.

There is a bigger goal in mind. My collaborator, Kathy, set out with this idea as a way to inspire young girls to dig into their roots. We spend too much time focusing on everything we aren’t, or who we hope to be one day, that we miss out on some amazing stories.

We want to encourage people to dog into the past. Ask about the people before you. Who are my ancestors? What did they do? Who did they meet?

Technology has helped to pull us away from a ton of knowledge from the past. People tend to skip over their ancestors and miss out on incredible stories.

Hopefully we will find the support we are looking for to raise the funds for this series. I would love to have this link shared to anyone you know who is interested in history. World history focuses on the what. Let’s discover the who of it all.

Feel free to check out the page. I will include the link below. I will also include links to my illustrators page. She’s awesome and worth the look. It’s a new page, but take a look.

In the mean time, enjoy your week. I have a lot going on to keep blogs rolling in. Maybe some hauntings, a few short stories and stupid tales of the past. Next week is my last week at the hotel, so I can start focusing here again.

Have a great week.


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