Hello all.

I just wanted to share a quick update on the gofundme page for Lizzie. We have 2 donations so far. A whopping $26. That’s out of $5000.

At least it’s progress. We are tapping into a subject that may not be so popular right now, but really should be. Who we are.

This isn’t about just Lizzie. This is about the entire Parker clan from start to finish. It’s about every family. We want to get people excited to learn.

Lizzie danced a cotillion dance for George Washington. He was impressed enough by this that he gifted her a set of white silk stockings. These stockings were around until the 1950s. Maybe longer. This is what we hope others will uncover when they start looking.

I know very little about my ancestors. I do know of people as far back as the 1500s, but I don’t know any good stories. We want kids to be engaged in their heritage. Not everyone has an exciting life, but maybe someone in our family was one that did.

Check out or link. Help us being Lizzie to life. I think maybe gofundme may have been a bad platform to open this on. I don’t know, but spread the word, and go dig. Find your Lizzie.

Check out the link below. The illustrations were done by the awesome Gypsi Amane. She’s a college student we hired to do This project with us.