Hey guys,

A few days ago I wrote about our Lizzie Andrews Series project getting started on gofundme. This was almost a deal breaker for me, but I made an agreement and I couldn’t back out on it. I have been conflicted with the project to the point of not really even wanting to work on it.

I knew I needed to make a change. After some consideration and back and forth with Kathy, we decided to pull the plug on gofundme. To me, gofundme is nothing more than begging for money with no return. I have issues with others using it. It’s a great way to support others.

I just don’t like that it’s plain old begging. I don’t beg. I tried to be understanding about Kathy’s position, but morally it was eating me up. This is just my personal feelings, and I don’t mean to offend anyone.

We did decide to put up a page for Kickstarter. We will be offering a copy of the first Lizzie Andrews books to the contributors. I am also considering letting one of the rewards teirs be a copy of Morgan Goes Fishing for the donation. Spread the word, right.

Kickstarter at least gives me a chance to sell a product for people to get behind. The donations made to gofundme will be transferred over to kickstarter. I am even going to offer the rewards for the contributors we have so far.

I feel this is a better arrangement. We aren’t begging for money. I am not morally conflicted. Best of all, we can still move forward.

In other news, hauntings. I am starting out on my (hopefully) weekly haunting trips. I am finding local stories and locations and seeing what happens. These stories will be posted each week with details of what I experienced.

I don’t want to be a boring page with nothing to offer. I want readers to want to come back. If you enjoy any of it, like it, comment on it, whatever. I look forward to it.

Have a great night