Hi everybody.

Today I want to bring you my first haunted trip tale. I am digging around for good places that are local so I can feed my fascination. Luckily I have a couple spots close by.

About 10 minutes from my house is the grave of Sitting Bull. He has always been one of my favorite leaders. I took my wife and kids with me a couple weeks back to see the site.

Set on the Missouri River in Mobridge, SD, Sitting Bull has an amazing view. The river, sunrise and sunset are awesome from there.

My youngest daughter wouldn’t walk up to his monument. Something there scared her. I did find some sage that was burnt nearby. That was cool.

The night I went with my recorder was a bit of a let down. The wind was too high to be able to catch anything. But there was something there.

There had been some offerings left for Sitting Bull though. Apples, cigarettes and other items had been laid at the base of the monument. This showed the respect that is still held for him.

When i stepped over to his headstone I did hear something. There are a few steps to go down. Just as I reached the last one I heard a voice.

I couldn’t make out what was said. It was a deep, man’s voice. It was very clear. Unfortunately, the wind made it so I was unable to hear it in the recording.

This was a good start for me though. It tells me that something is there. I will be going back soon. My hopes are to catch a calm night and get some responses. Until then, I will post other stories I have.

Have a great day everybody.