I have recently decided to take each Friday and do a haunted event of some kind. One day I will turn something up. This one isn’t for anything more than to feed my fascination. I have always had fun with the unknown.

I have worked in many haunted locations. Deadwood, South Dakota brought me many opportunities. My favorite part of it was working at a trio of haunted museums. We had the Days of 76, The Adams Museum, and the Adams House. I was lucky enough to do spend time at all three.

In October the Adams House does a guided haunted tour. It is in an 1892 Queen Anne Victorian home. It is an amazing house. It is a busy house, and it is a blast.

Apart from the history there are the ghosts. There are the sounds, the sights, the smells. It’s all there. During the tours I was working the gift shop to take admissions and the supervisor asked me to take the midnight tour.

We got hands on with the ghosts. The tools used were fascinating by themselves. What got me was the stuff we didn’t need equipment to see. It did however end with a visit from the police and fire department.

It was our 10:00 pm tour and it had been a quiet night. There was the occasional E.V.P. but nothing to exciting. All of the sudden our fire alarm system started going off. We had to evacuate the house.

When the fire department showed up, they had to do a full inspection of the house. They found that an alarm had been tripped in the smoking lounge of the house. This was in a roped off room, in the 3rd floor of this house.

According to reports of the tour group a guest had asked for a sign of any presence in the house. The alarm immediately went off, along with the faint smell of cigar smoke. Unfortunately, I could not be in this group. I can just go with the reports of 15-20 people.

Throughout the night I did get the opportunity to listen to various E.V.P’s captured by the crew. They had captured intelligent responses to questions and sounds that shouldn’t have been in a silent house. It was awesome.

For me, the best part was the flashlight. If you ever want a cheap and simple tool to use for a ghost hunting session, use a flash light. The kind that the tip screws in and out to turn on and off. I will say that this is DEFINITELY effective.

We placed a flashlight on the bed with the tip unscrewed to the point it had to be pushed to make the light come on. We started asking simple questions. The goal was to talk the spirit into communicating with us by pressing the light. Again, the light would only come on when contact was made with the light.

The group members would ask questions then tell the spirit to touch the light to let us know it was there. The first time I assumed it was a fluke. After the answering of 5 questions and seeing the light come on in the middle of an empty bed, I was convinced.

I have used digital recorders and flashlights effectively in my hunts. If you want to do it, DO IT. Go out and find a good haunt. If you are ever in Deadwood, South Dakota, go to the museums I mentioned before. You won’t be disappointed.

I tried a haunted drive last week and it was a major bust. I am working on other places to check out now. I have a few good stories from the past, like the one tonight. These will fill in for my disappointing weeks.

I will for sure be sharing the new stories as they come. These will be probably on a Saturday or Sunday so keep an eye out. If you hear of a good place to check out, let me know. If I can find the funds I will travel to a few spots.

I have to replace my recorder. A “friend” stole the one I had awesome recordings on. I will be investing in another flashlight. Most importantly, I am getting back out there. Stay tuned for more fun. Until next week my fellow spook enthusiasts.



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