You know those kinds of days that just kick your butt all the way through. It has been one of those days since about June. But hey, why be negative? I don’t have time for such nonsense. I am going to vent for a short minute though.

I have mentioned several times that I am writing a genealogy series. This is a fascinating series. The woman we are writing about was amazing, history is amazing and I love writing. It’s a good gig.

What’s not great? Easy, collaborating. I am an author. It’s simple to grasp. However, i am not a promo writer or designer. I am not a mind reader. I am not the kind of person that gets a great deal of joy out of my phone blowing up all hours of the night with more questions. The biggest one, I am not a hand holder or babysitter. (except for my kids, that’s being a dad.)

These have apparently all been misunderstood. In the two months I have been working on this series, i have written 3.5 pages. This is infuriating to me. I have told my partner that I need to be able to work on this book if we expect it to be done. I have accomplished bearly nothing. Most of my time has been spent wishing my phone would literally blow up.

It’s an easy 9 hours a day 3 to 4 days a week going over the same details over and over. Part of this pertains to the book, the rest is nonsense that doesn’t apply and could be saved for another time. So now, my writing happens after 1 am. Which is awesome since I get up at 6:30 with the kids for school when my wife leaves.

Now for good news, my computer died. Luck for me, I sold a poem last week and was able to afford a new used one with what that paid. This venture is starting to show some progress. I was also asked to write another poem for the same guy who bought the last one. Good deal for me.

In more good news, I am starting to see about making appointments for doing book readings for Pre-K through 1st grade classes. To help with this I placed an order for some bookmarks and business cards. This should look a little more professional.

All the bookmarks have a small note on the back to direct to my site and order a copy of the book. I will also be setting up a spot to print off the coloring pages. Back to the bookmarks. They are black and white, on a matte finish for the students to color their own bookmarks. I enjoy the idea of a kid having a little interaction with the book, more than reading it.

The business cards are simple. It will be attached below. My wife loved them. I feel like sometimes she doesn’t want to disappoint me, so I want some feed back from you guys about it. Let me know if you would notice it, if it’s clear and offers the right information, and if it would sway you to go to the site. Yes, if i am disappointed by the response I will sit in the corner and cry for…seconds. It’ll be embarrassing for all of us.


Finally, I am looking into carrying a few of the books I will be reviewing and holding author interviews with. They will be in the Book Nook for you all to check out. I will also have my books from my page.

Okay, it has been a long day. I am exhausted, and I have a lot more to get done before I can go to bed. Tomorrow is another day with my Bella baby, 20180821_125948so I need a little energy for her. Have a great night and a better day.



















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