It’s time for another book review. Today we are reviewing Sweet Dreamer & Nightmare And The Power of Positive Thinking By Natasha and David Breen. This is the 2nd of 3 books they asked me to review. Honestly, this book has been the hardest for me to review, but only in jest.

This book is terrible. It never stays in one place. When I find it, it disappears again. I usually find it in my sons room. Come to think of it, maybe my son is horrible. Or neither are horrible.

It’s a really cute book, even if it won’t stay put. My kids have loved it. It is an awesome book that shows the power of good thoughts.

Sweet Dreamer and Nightmare are exactly what you would expect them to be. They are cats in charge of good and bad dreams. Nightmare learns that it isn’t always so easy to scare someone.

We have read this book probably 30 in the last couple weeks. They cannot put it down. I tell them I need to use it, they have it hidden somewhere again. They love the art. It reminds me of the Thundercats from the 80’s.

The title sounds like something that would be scary, but my daughter Morgan loves it. She is afraid of everything. Disney movies included. There is nothing scary about it. It is a creative way to show that it’s good to be brave. Surprisingly it has helped her to be braver.

My favorite part, they won’t put it down. If my biggest complaint is that I can never find it, I won’t complain. It’s a great message written in a clever and friendly way. I highly recommend it.

David and Natasha are a talented team. They have a niche and they know how to use it. Go pick yourself up a copy of Sweet Dreamer & Nightmare And The Power of Positive Thinking. You will like it, your kids will like it, and it won’t scare them. It’s an awesome book. You can grab a copy on Amazon today here: . You can also check out their Facebook page Feisty Cats.

Our next review will be the last in our series from Natasha and David Breen. But we have more great books to bring you. Have a great day.




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