Hello, again. Today I have a vent session. It’s not anything angry, just annoying and at the same time, good for a cheap laugh. I am writing this while I work, so the thoughts are fresh. The whole point, teach your kids how to be adults.

I work at a campground connected to a casino. I enjoy what I do. I meet cool people, see cool things, and I have a small flock of turkeys to watch when I am out and about. It is far from a hard job. In most cases its mind numbing and slow. It’s temporary, and in a few week I will transfer ti another department with better pay. So I roll with the flow.

What I don’t roll with, however is lying. I don’t tolerate it. In fact my kids have learned very well, you don’t lie to dad. Unfortunately, this isn’t a universal rule.

Earlier this week I was working with a girl that doesn’t like me. Oh well, who cares. Right? Well, she does. She shows it in her telling me “NO” when I ask her to do something. All the time.

She also only does jobs she enjoys, mowing for example. Anything else she just doesn’t do. Well, she didn’t do a certain job one day, then lied to me about it and said she had. She didn’t know I knew she didn’t do it.

The job is a simple one, clean bathrooms. Nobody likes it, but it’s part of the job, so buck up and do it. I do a bathroom check at the start of my shift so i know what i am up against for the night. It’s how i plan my night.

I went in and saw they were filthy. When i came back to my little trailer work station I asked her, did you clean the bathrooms. This is the part that set me off, I kinda lost my cool. She said, “I just did them.”

A “I did them this morning,” “I haven’t done them”, or shoot even an “I don’t want to do them” would have been a safer answer. I called her out. She got mad and stormed out, but she went to kinda clean the bathrooms.

By kinda, I mean, drive to the bathroom and sweep, drive back to the shack for the mop, drive back and mop the bathroom. Pure laziness, compounded by her not cleaning toilets or sinks. She mopped.

Now, as adults we suck it up and do other peoples work. It happens. People do this a lot. It sucks, but they do it. I cleaned the bathrooms the right way and moved on with my night. Why let it bother me?

I came in the next day and the guy I normally work with was working with the girl from yesterday. Neither one says a word to me. Nothing the day after either. Then today she pulled more of her attitude things, and he is set to check into a camlsite this evening.

It’s a big enough issue because I am the one working that management and security have been notified and will be watching these 2 employees. This is a shame. All because I called out someone for lying.

In my opinion, and please, keep disagreements civil, kids are babied too much. Instead of dealing with a person they have an issue with, or even showing civility, they get away with throwing fits and acting like children. You have to deal with people you don’t get along with. It’s part of life. But, instead of teaching the skills on how to do this, parents too often let their little “babies” act out and treat people badly.

I have very high expectations of my kids. They are amazing kids. If they don’t handle something the way they will need to as adults, I teach them how to correct it now. Fit throwing doesn’t work.

Kids needs parents, and parents need to remember how to parent. Some days parenting kicks my butt, and I suck at it. Most days, i just remind myself that the future depends on my raising them properly. I want them to be good examples in the world. Not holy terrors who make things harder just to be a butt.

Anyway, I am done venting now. I have been swamped with home improvement projects, work and writing. Everyone have a great night.



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