Hello again everyone. No venting today. Maybe a little because because my son kicked my butt fishing the other day. It was a fun time.

Ricky has been asking for a boys fishing day all summer. I told him we would go before school stsrted, but I didn’t know when. Naturally, as school starting came closer, he started asking more. Finally, I set our day to go.

We were both excited. I love fishing, he does too, and it was time together. No girls, no mom, just fishing. The evening we were going to go, I was called in to work. He was heartbroken. There is a good chance I was very disappointed.

Another week went by before we finally got to go. On my last day for the week, I told management if they called me I wasn’t answering, because I had a day with Ricky. They actually made it work and left the campground unattended that night.

We took off for our little trip across town. He couldn’t get ready fast enough. I took out the carseat and threw it in the bed of the truck so Ricky could have the window seat. Talk about one proud kid.

He was happy as can be. Until we got to the water. We sat out for 3 hours with not so much as a nibble. As expected, he got bored and started climbing around on the rocks, playing in the water, and recasting his line every 10 seconds.

I caught the first fish after about 3 hours. He was jealous. When I got my second fish a few minutes later I let him bring it in and counted it as his catch. I knew full well we may not get another bite that day. Well, it was a bad decision.

The second fish broke my line, so while I was putting my new hook on, Ricky got his first bite. He brought in an impressive bass.

I helped him pull it off the line and threw it back. I went back to my line, he brought in a second fish. A good catfish. This gave him the biggest catch of the day. I helped him pull it off and threw it back.

When I checked my rod I discovered a fish on my line. I reeled it in and had another catfish. I prefer catfishing over most others. It’s more fun for me. It’s what I was raised doing. So, yay catfish.

For a very small period of the day, I again had the biggest fish of the day. Ricky was determined to top me. And he did.

Just a few minutes later he had one last catch of the day. It hit hard and fast. It was a good fighting catfish. It was a chore for Ricky to bring it in.

I asked him, “Buddy, do you need some help?”

He shouted back, “Maybe! It’s pretty big!”

Watching him reel it in was amazing. He looked so grown up. So determined. I loved it. He finally brought in about a 23 inch cat that he couldn’t have been more proud of.

The day ended with no more bites. We went home for dinner and that was that. It was a great day. I am pretty proud of that kid.

I will admit, losing 4 to 2 to a 6 year old is a bit of a bummer. I couldn’t be more proud. He earned it and worked hard bringing them in. If I get outfished, that’s how I like it to be done.

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