Author Interview with Shannon Stewart

I had the opportunity to work with Author Shannon Stewart for a promo piece for her book Grief. Luckily I was able to do an interview with her. Check her out, her book has a lot to offer. So, let’s get started with Shannon Stewart.

Name:  Shannon Stewart aka Daredevil Bama Gurl aka WHITE COAT WOMAN

1.What is your earliest memory of writing?

A:  I’ve always written poetry.  I kept a book of them all the way into adulthood and may one day publish them.

2. How did you get started in your writing career?

A:  I have so many stories floating around in my head and I’ve started and stopped over a dozen.  I just never had the desire to just completely finish one until I saw my husband doing the same thing but finishing.  He starts and stops stories all the time but he does it when he gets a block and he just moves to where his creativity takes him.  That method works for me as well so now it’s like an assembly line. Expect to see a lot of productivity from me in writing now.

3. Do you write in multiple genres? If so, which? Is it hard to transition between children’s book author and your other styles?

A:  I’ve never really just settled on a genre.  Like I said, I have many stories floating around in my head and I’m pretty sure there are multiple genre involved.  So, my plan is to go wherever my creative juices take me.

4.What comes to you first: title, character or setting?

A: I generally think of multiple interesting scenes.  They don’t always fit so I save them for when the rest of the story pops into my head.  As it develops, I start formulating the plot around those ideas.

5.How many books have you written?

A:  I’ve written 3 full books so far, but I’m only about to release my first short story.

6.We know writing isn’t always the most lucrative business. Are you a full time author, or do you do other work as well?

A:  I’m now a Family Nurse Practitioner and I’ve been a critical care Registered Nurse for the last 18 years.  I’m also an co-executive for my own indie record label and publishing company.

january 2018 - critical care registered nurse shoot


7.. Do you have a certain way to set your writing mood? If so, what does it involve?


A:  I don’t set a mood.  I write in my spare time.

8. What is your latest book about? (book summary/sales description)

A:  Grief is a short story I have on pre-order on Amazon. I write a different take on the 5 stages of grief that we typically go through multiple times in life.  I sensationalize each stage a bit to make it entertaining to keep people’s attention in today’s world but at the end of each of the 5 chapters I add some White Coat Woman education. I also have a very sensational 1 minute book trailer to peak the curiosity of people who watch it.

9. Where can people find you and all of your amazing projects? (website, social media links and any upcoming events you’d like to share)


10. What is one obscure, non-writing related fact about you? (something fun, interesting, or a little quirk)

A:  I’m a social media micro-influencer and I have a branded name of Daredevil Bama Gurl.  It’s a name my husband gave me because I like rock climbing and parasailing and different stuff like that.

10142017 willie stewart shoot4084_pp

11.What goals have you set for yourself in your writing career?

A:  I have just one goal for my writing career and that’s to have fun while doing it.
12.You just sold your one millionth copy, how do you celebrate? (Dream big, right?)

A:  I would want to throw a huge party for everybody in my hometown of Ozark, Alabama.  That’s not too big right? I would plan on much bigger things but I would want to start there so people back home could see that being from a small town doesn’t mean great things can’t happen.

13. How many books do you hope to release?

A:  I don’t have a set number.  I just want to continue to write as long as I’m having fun doing it.

This is where my book can be found:

grief 3d product cover



Author Interview with Claressa Swensen

I finally got the opportunity to do another Author Interview. I have worked with Claressa Swensen in the past, and really enjoyed it. She reached out to me a few days ago to see if I did any author interviews. Knowing her work, I couldn’t pass it up. I hope you guys enjoy it. I will be including links and pictures along the way, so you can find her work.

So, let me introduce you to, Miss Claressa Swensen.

Q: How many books have you written?
A: I have published four books, however I have written many more than that. I frequently come up with story ideas that either get started and never finished, or I finish them but never pursue publishing.

Q: We know writing isn’t always the most lucrative business. Are you a full time author, or do you do other work as well?
A: I am a stay at home mommy, my daughter keeps me on my toes so I don’t always find time in the day to write like I should.

Find it here:

Q: What goals have you set for yourself in your writing career?
A: I think it would be fun to write a series. I hope to build up enough confidence to do a school assembly. And hey, who says I can’t win a literary award?

Q: What are some of your favorite events to sell your books at?
A: I find library and bookstore readings a lot of fun, because I really get to interact 1-on-1 with the kids who read my stories. I also love events where I get to network with other authors. It’s fun to meet other people in the same profession as you.

Find it here:

Q: Think of your first book, are you happy with the end results? If not, what would you change?
A: Although I definitely see my writing get better with every book, I wouldn’t change a thing about the first. It’s all part of the writing process, I get to watch myself grow as an author.

Q: Is there a part of the process, after writing, that you enjoy most?
A: Yes, I love being able to collaborate with the artist on how we want the illustrations to turn out. Also, there is no better feeling than the one you get holding that very first physical copy of a book you created. I would compare it to the first time you hold your own child, not quite the same, but so close!


Q: What award do you think would be the most exciting to win?
A: I don’t know; Caldecott, Newbery, Moonbeam. An award is an award, and it would be amazing to have my work appreciated that much.

Q: What is your favorite book you wrote? Why?
A: With every book, my favorite turns into the latest release I have. I get passionate about new projects and suddenly my focus is all on that book.


Q: How many books do you hope to release?
A: As many as I possibly can. It’s so much fun, I just don’t see why I would ever stop.

Q: Where can people find you and all of your amazing books?
A: My website is My books can also be found under my name on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. And don’t forget to follow me on Facebook at!


Claressa is awesome. Her books are adorable and you can tell she is proud. Go show her a little support at any of her links. You can follow any of the links in the pictures above to get right to the one you want. All are available in e-book format as well. Be looking forward to more interviews and book promotions coming soon.

One of those days, all month

You know those kinds of days that just kick your butt all the way through. It has been one of those days since about June. But hey, why be negative? I don’t have time for such nonsense. I am going to vent for a short minute though.

I have mentioned several times that I am writing a genealogy series. This is a fascinating series. The woman we are writing about was amazing, history is amazing and I love writing. It’s a good gig.

What’s not great? Easy, collaborating. I am an author. It’s simple to grasp. However, i am not a promo writer or designer. I am not a mind reader. I am not the kind of person that gets a great deal of joy out of my phone blowing up all hours of the night with more questions. The biggest one, I am not a hand holder or babysitter. (except for my kids, that’s being a dad.)

These have apparently all been misunderstood. In the two months I have been working on this series, i have written 3.5 pages. This is infuriating to me. I have told my partner that I need to be able to work on this book if we expect it to be done. I have accomplished bearly nothing. Most of my time has been spent wishing my phone would literally blow up.

It’s an easy 9 hours a day 3 to 4 days a week going over the same details over and over. Part of this pertains to the book, the rest is nonsense that doesn’t apply and could be saved for another time. So now, my writing happens after 1 am. Which is awesome since I get up at 6:30 with the kids for school when my wife leaves.

Now for good news, my computer died. Luck for me, I sold a poem last week and was able to afford a new used one with what that paid. This venture is starting to show some progress. I was also asked to write another poem for the same guy who bought the last one. Good deal for me.

In more good news, I am starting to see about making appointments for doing book readings for Pre-K through 1st grade classes. To help with this I placed an order for some bookmarks and business cards. This should look a little more professional.

All the bookmarks have a small note on the back to direct to my site and order a copy of the book. I will also be setting up a spot to print off the coloring pages. Back to the bookmarks. They are black and white, on a matte finish for the students to color their own bookmarks. I enjoy the idea of a kid having a little interaction with the book, more than reading it.

The business cards are simple. It will be attached below. My wife loved them. I feel like sometimes she doesn’t want to disappoint me, so I want some feed back from you guys about it. Let me know if you would notice it, if it’s clear and offers the right information, and if it would sway you to go to the site. Yes, if i am disappointed by the response I will sit in the corner and cry for…seconds. It’ll be embarrassing for all of us.


Finally, I am looking into carrying a few of the books I will be reviewing and holding author interviews with. They will be in the Book Nook for you all to check out. I will also have my books from my page.

Okay, it has been a long day. I am exhausted, and I have a lot more to get done before I can go to bed. Tomorrow is another day with my Bella baby, 20180821_125948so I need a little energy for her. Have a great night and a better day.


















A Day Job for Santa Claws Review

Hey guys.

I am back tonight with a new book review. This one is a little early in the year for it, but it’s only because I want to support it a little extra for the Christmas season. This one is called A Day Job for Santa Claws by Natasha and David Breen.

The first thing I want to say, This book is adorable. Santa Claws is a cat. This is the writers niche and they do it well. Anyway, Santa is a cat.

After an especially bad year he has to find some work to get by. He tries a few different jobs, and even gets in trouble. I won’t say how. Buy the book to find out. You’ll like it.

As he goes through the year, he has many different opportunities. He doesn’t like any of them. It carries the story really well, and it shares a good lesson. The book is awesome. My kids loved it. I will highly recommend A Day Job for Santa Claws to any parent. You can find it on Amazon here

It is a new twist on Santa and it’s a really good one. I have 2 more books from this duo that i get to review this week. Keep an eye out for those over the next few days. I also have a couple e-books to review.

If you are interested in a book reading in the Humboldt County California area, please reach out to Feisty Cats Storybooks at They look forward to hearing from you. Stay tuned for more reviews over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, check out Little Books and Hobbies on Facebook @ or Instagram and Pinterest @danlittle104 . Have a great night everybody.

From Dark to Light book review

Hello again.

Today we have another book review. This is brought to us by Isabella Murphy, when she was in the 5th grade.

From Dark to Light. is a cute story. It’s the story of a pumpkin seeds journey to being a jackolantern. The illustrations are really cute and really help the story along.

The only issue with this book, it’s a bit over told. The details were a bit on the excessive side. That’s okay. It was written by a 5th grader.

Overall From Dark to Light is a great book and worth picking up. My kids enjoy it more for reading to themselves. Not so much for bedtime stories with mom and dad.

Would I advise against it, absolutely not. This is still a cute book with great art work. Check it out at the link below and leave your own review for Isabella.

Little Bear and His Chair

Hey guys.

Tonight we are doing a book review for a cute little book called “Little Bear and His Chair” by Claressa Swensen.

This is an awesome book to teach the important lesson of sharing. Little Bear decided he didn’t want to share his chair with his friends. When he realizes his friends won’t play with him anymore, he decides that his friendships are more important than having a chair all to himself. It’s a good lesson.

My kids loved this book. I can’t count how many times I have read it. And right now there is an awesome special going on. From now until Friday, you can download a free copy of Little Bear and His Chair on Amazon. Just leave a review when you’re done reading it.

Go get it. I highly recommend it if you have a little bear of your own. While you’re at it, wish Miss Claressa a happy birthday. Click on the link below for your copy.

Have a great day


Author Interview with Claressa Swensen

Hello again! Sorry for the lack of posting lately. I picked up a summer job after we moved and my schedule has been out of control. I have also been dealing with the down side of summer with a neurological disorder. I am here tonight to bring you another author interview. This week we have Claressa Swensen. I got lucky enough to read her book Little Bear and His Chair and will be doing a book review here in the next few days. Until then, check her out and maybe grab a book or twelve on her link.
Little Books and Hobbies
Author interview with:
Claressa Swensen
Little Bear and His Chair

Claressa Swensen is the author of multiple children’s picture books including “Little Bear and his chair”. When she’s not writing, she’s busy being a mom to her own little bookworm. Claressa resides in northern Utah.
Q: Where are you from?
A : Born and raised in northern Utah.
Q: How long have you been writing?
A: My first book was published two years ago (2016), although I’ve been writing for about 4 years.
Q: What were your goals prior to writing? How did you becoming an author happen?
A: I get this question a lot actually. I spent plenty of time working in the childcare industry when I was younger. I would make up stories to tell the kids I cared for, that was just something I liked to do for fun. Then I started using my stories to teach valuable lessons to the kids such as sharing, doing homework, eating veggies, etc. Family and friends told me I should write a book, so one day I picked up my laptop and started researching all things book related. I’ve learned so much in the last two years.
Q: What genre(s) do you write? Why?
A: Childrens fiction, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love working with kids. I have a child of my own and I feel like I can relate to other parents. And lastly, I’m a visual person, I love the way illustrations bring my stories to life.
Q: Did/do you self publish or traditionally publish? What was attractive about this option?
A: I have self published my books so far. While I do occasionally submit manuscripts to traditional publishers, I love the freedom self publishing has given me. I love having most of the control on how the book will turn out in the end. And it’s really fun being so involved in the illustrating process.
Q: Are you a full-time author?
A: My main job is to raise my daughter. While marketing my work may be considered a second full time job, it only brings in part time income while I work on building as an author.
Q: How many books have you published?
A: Four so far, and I hope for that number to keep growing.
Q: What is one thing you wish you had done differently during the process of publishing your first book?
A: There are so many things I would have done differently. But I guess a big one would be starting to market my book a few months before release. It was silly of me to think I wouldn’t need to market my book until after it was published. I fell way behind, and wasn’t able to give it a proper release when release day came. I think it really hurt the books potential exposure.
Q: Who are some of your favorite authors?
A: I read a lot of picture books with my daughter. We enjoy Eric Carle, Maurice Sendak and Mo Willems to name a few.

Q What book or books have influenced you as an author?
A: There’s not just one. Bookstores are my happy place. Particularly Barnes & Noble. Whenever I’m having writers block, I can almost always cure it by reading a few (or 20) books. Then I get all these ideas that pop into my head, and my writers block is cured!
Q: What is your writing process?
A: I write the same basic story three times, and each one goes in a different direction, changing the outcome. Then I choose my favorite story out of those three and start the editing process. After editing is complete, I find an illustrator (assuming I plan to self-publish) and when illustrations are finished, I format the book. This all might sound easy, but there is a lot that goes into it, and it typically takes me 6 months to a year to publish a book.
Q: Do you write each day?
A: I don’t write every day, because most days I’m working on a story I’ve already written. But rest assured, I put a little time aside to do something for my books every day. Whether that be editing, formatting, marketing or something else.
Q: How do you set your writing mood? Is there a routine you follow?
A: Not really, I can write almost anywhere with a little peace and quiet. And sometimes when I get writers block, I even enjoy the noise of a cafe to get things going in my head.
Q: Do you prefer paperback, hardcover, or eBooks? Why?
A: I always prefer a physical copy of a book. In fact, I rarely ever read eBooks. I much prefer a copy to hold in my hand, and I often get headaches when looking at a screen too long. I tend to buy hardcovers more than paperbacks, because my daughter likes to tug, and it gives me that little extra protection. As far as the books I purchase for my daughter, I always try to find a board edition so she can turn the pages herself.
Q: What will be your next book release?
A: As of now, Little Bear and His Chair is my next scheduled release. Although I’m working on a few manuscripts now, nothing has an official release date yet.
Q: What are some of your goals outside of writing?
A: I would like to get into public speaking. I’d start by speaking to children at schools about the writing process. I’m not sure if I would make a great public speaker, but that certainly won’t stop me from trying!
Q: Do you have any advice for new authors?
A: Grow some tough skin. There is going to be a lot of people that love your book and a lot of people that don’t. But don’t let that stop you from writing. Also, if you plan to submit your manuscript to a publisher, be prepared to receive a lot of rejection letters and just keep trying. I don’t know an author who has never received a rejection letter.
Feel free to include any links or pictures you would like to include in your interview:

Author Interview featuring Kerry Orchard

Little Books and Hobbies

NAME: Kerry Orchard

PUBLISHED TITLES: The Adventures in Behaviour Series – How to Tame Dragons and Hush Hyenas (Canadian Children’s Book Centre “Best Book” Kids and Teens), How Danny Found his Brave, The No Trolls Allowed Guidebook


It has long been my dream to start a small press focusing simultaneously on books for children struggling with behavioural/complex needs issues and adult and YA fantasy. My daughters joined me and helped me to create my websites and will continue to edit and assist. It’s been a pleasure having their support.

I have been writing for as long as I can remember and working with children dealing with behavioural issues for over a decade. It seemed appropriate to combine my two passions, children and writing. I have a deep love of anything fantasy and am an avid reader.

Q: Where are you from (City, State)?

A: I was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada where I still reside currently.

Q: How long have you been writing?
A:. As long as I can remember. In the 90s I had two books published with New Concepts Publishing. I will be re-releasing them. The Thoughtmaster’s Conduit and The Augur’s Voice. Thoughtmaster was a finalist for the EPPIE award.

Q: What were your goals prior to writing? How did you becoming an author happen?
A: My goals have always been to write and to work with and support children.
Q: What genre(s) do you write? Why?
A: I write children’s picture books as a way to promote behaviour support (self-regulation, anxiety, sensory, ADHD etc.) in a fun, engaging way for teachers and parents to discuss and find solutions when struggling with behavioural issues. I write fantasy because I love fantasy and have a vivid imagination. I have read Tolkien over a hundred times.
Q: Did/do you self publish or traditionally publish? What was attractive about this option?
A: I published with a publisher originally. I had had much interest from major publishers but was not fitting their line so I accepted the offer from New Concepts. They were very new and after a few years decided to pull and shelve the books for a period. I had become quite ill with Lupus (I am in remission but still have damage to cope with). When I was putting together the picture book series I decided that it was time to try it on my own. I would like to get to the point where I can invite other authors. I have several books of my own to put out.
Q: Are you a full-time author? If not, do aspire to be?
A: No I am not. I work in Behaviour and Crisis support. It would be my dream or goal to retire and write and work on my behaviour website –
Q: How many books have you published?
A:. In my lifetime 5. Three are currently available.
Q: When did you publish (first book title)?
A: I can’t remember the exact date. I was in the 90s.
Q: How did the publishing process differ from (first book title) to that of your current book?
A: The publishing industry has made rapid changes in the last 20 years. When I started e-books were said to be a passing fancy and self publishing or starting a small press as I have was simply for those who could not get published traditionally. I like the changes now. I think it creates more diversity and options for readers. I like being in charge from beginning to end.
Q: What is one thing you wish you had done differently during the process of publishing your first book?
A: I’m not sure. It was a good learning experience and started me on the path I am on now. I perhaps wish I had invested in a really good editor and hit the major companies again as things were different then and I had many invites to send material.
Q: Who are some of your favorite authors?

A: JRR Tolkien, Martha Grimes, Kate Mosse, Dickens, Poe, Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, Agatha Christie.

Q: To expand on that, what is your favorite genre to read? A:Fantasy/sci fi, Mystery, Historical fantasy/fiction (as in Kate Mosse).

A:Fantasy/sci fi, Mystery, Historical fantasy/fiction (as in Kate Mosse).

Q What book or books have influenced you as an author?
A: The Lord of the Rings and for kids Robert Munsch.

Q: What is your writing process?(time spent writing, planning, performance goals)
A: For fantasy I first come up with a storyline, then plan it out chapter by chapter. Then I create/define my world – the way it looks, the physical laws as in magic, nature) I then create and/or define characters. Then I begin writing and filling in the gaps. Then I spend at least a year editing.
Q: Do you write each day?
A: When I am writing I try to.
Q: How do you set your writing mood? Is there a routine you follow?
A: No
Q: How long on average does it take you to write a book?
A: On adult books a few years. For children’s a year start to finish with edits and illustrating.
Q: Do you prefer paperback, hardcover, or eBooks (reading and writing)? Why?
A: I prefer paper or hardcover. I like the feel of books but I do read eBooks as well.
Q: Who would your dream co-author be? Why?
A: JRR Tolkien because he was a genius linguist and had an incredible imagination and sense of truth and good and evil.
Q: What will be your next book release?
A: Upcoming: (Please visit our sneak peaks page at The Day The Fidgets Began, The Thoughtmaster’s Conduit and The Augur’s Voice followed by I Am She
Q: What are some of your goals outside of writing?
A: To help people through my behaviour website. To support students/children struggling with self-regulation, behaviour, trauma.

Q: What is your biggest obstacle when writing?

A: Time

Q: Do you have any advice for new authors?
A: Write about what you love, know and are passionate about. Write down every idea and keep a journal of them. When you come up with a great sentence or paragraph whether relevant to what you are writing or not – jot it down. Do not write with the goal of being published, write because you want to share your story, your words, who you are and take your time.

Links to check out and learn more about Kerry.

Burroughs Manor Press

Solving Behaviour

Good Reads


Book promo

A few weeks ago we had an idea. I decided to offer a signed copy of Morgan Goes Fishing to my Facebook friends. It turned out really well.

What had originally been a plan for 15 books turned into 30. Tonight I got the first 15 packed up to ship. This is an exciting time. We were able to come in under the projected costs for shipping to.

I am slowly getting the hang of some of the marketing ideas. I still have a long way to go. But, in my first 28 days on the market Morgan Goes Fishing sold 68 copies. I think there are a few more that haven’t been processed yet, but I have 68 confirmed sales.

If everything goes okay I plan to get my own isbn and sell them here and under my other pages. It’s a nice way to cut out the all powerful Amazon. I love Amazon, but there is a such thing as too big.

I also like the idea of being able to put in a personalized thank you note in the envelopes. Personalized business is good. It offers a special something. I don’t want a customer to be just a number.

In the next couple days we will be launching a new author interview. Keep an eye out for that. For a new item, we also have our first book review coming up.

We are growing. Changes are coming. Once we are all settled in with the new move and starting my new job, I will be able to start sharing more stories. Have a great day everybody.