Time to move

The last week has been ridiculous. Do you ever have those weeks where you go nonstop and find yourself in a completely different spot than you planned. That’s what happened this week.

I mentioned before that my wife was asked to apply for a position at a new school. She got the job. Suddenly we found ourselves having to move. We got a place lined up. Sort of.

At the start of the month I sold an old pick up i had since just before we got married. It was my baby. A 1979 Dodge Power Wagon. This would have been enough to cover the cost of the move.

I wasn’t expecting this move though, so I paid some bills since our summer income was going to be tight. It made sense. It still does. They are at least paid, and less worries through the summer. But if I hadn’t paid them, we could move.

So, against much protest my wife asked for a loan. To move. This is a terrible idea. I hate loans. I hate debt. Dave Ramsey helps me hate debt.

But it’s there now. And we are moving. Our whole week is going to be busy and wild. We have a lot of driving to do to get things done. We have to pack, and get the deposit paid for the new house.

Is this week over yet? Oh, did I mention that all this us going on while I get Morgan Goes Fishing sold. We have 30 so far. That’s cool. I’m also launching a new venture.

So, it’ll be busy and I will probably lose my mind. In the end it will be worth it. Hopefully it won’t be as bad as it’s looking right now.


New opportunities

Yesterday I got an interesting opportunity. The owner of one of the bookstores carrying Morgan Goes Fishing offered me some old books to sell. They are old history books. I love books, especially the old ones.

I jumped at it. Sometimes when a good opportunity comes you have to. I have thought about buying and selling books for a while now. It’ll help pay bills, and keep my kids books rolling out.

I’m an opportunist. If it’s a way to get ahead, I’m all for trying it. Multiple income streams has always been something I tried for.

Along with this new side venture, I have picked up 2 new bookstores this week, and released Morgan Goes Fishing. It’s selling fair so far.

The best opportunity came for my wife. A new teaching opportunity came at a school she hadn’t applied it. She had been recommended for the position without submitting an application. By the time Thursday came, she had a job with a substantial raise.

We have worked hard, dug deep and struggled, but for now things are looking up. It’s been an interesting week.

Don’t be afraid to jump at a new chance. You never know what could happen. Sometimes it falls flat, but dust off and keep moving. Other times, you may just get a better deal than you realize. It’s been a good week.


Lately I have been thinking about taking my blog another direction. It has mostly come from the struggles of trying to find book stores to carry Morgan Goes Fishing.

One of the things I have seen a lot is authors struggling to find a place. They aren’t sure where to go, what to do, or where to start.

I decided I would like to take this direction. I will still include my haunted stories and stories with my family. They are me. Not just a part.

I would like to focus more on author interviews, boom reviews and helping our community grow. I know there are a lot out there. I am not reinventing the wheel, or pioneering any new ground. We just need help getting to our goals.

So, from here, I will ask any of you who may be looking for reviews, or know someone who is, or possibly want to be featured in an interview, let me know. I would love to get people exposure. Let’s just enjoy our field and help each other grow

Daily Prompt: Disappear in plain sight

About ten years ago I went through a bad break up. We cared about each other, but we were terrible together. Often times it felt like being with me was better for her than being alone.

I finally walked away after 3 years of off and on dating and near constant fight. When it was over, I shut down. I hid away.

When the weather was good, I was fishing or hiking. The hiking would be a one off hike, so more than anything I was doing a lot of fishing.

When I got off work, I would fish. When I had the day off I would fish. When I was fishing I would think about how I could disappear.

I’ve always battled with depression. My ex was a big cause of some of the depression I dealt with. I didn’t realize that at the time. But she brought up everything bad about me and really held every mistake against me.

Finally one day I decided I had to get out. I had to get out of that town. I had to disappear. I hadn’t realized I had already disappeared.

In a town of 3500 people, nobody had seen me. Nobody knew where I had gone. I went next door to talk to my neighbor one day, and she hadn’t seen me in 6 months. I was gone.

I tried a couple bouts of driving truck over the road. This wasn’t for me. It was good, and I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t for me.

Finally my escape came, my cousin was moving to Nebraska from Indiana and asked me to go along. Shoot yeah, I was going to go to Nebraska and disappear.

After about 2 months of planning, I left. Funds were tight and I had some repairs to make on the truck, but I left town with $65 in my pocket and headed west. He was paying gas if I would pull the trailer. DEAL!

After two days we finally made it to a nearly 600 acre ranch 30 miles from town. Nobody knew me, nobody cared I was there. I had disappeared. I could move on.

Just over a year later I met my wife. My disappearance turned into what is now 6 years of marriage and 3 awesome kids. I don’t really want to disappear anymore. When the urge comes up, I always want them to go.

There is no harm in wanting to disappear to find yourself. It’s a chance to get to know yourself. I learned what my dreams were, and I learned how to achieve them. More importantly I learned that I wasn’t so bad. I had made mistakes, but I wasn’t bad. To be honest, I’m a darn good husband and dad.

Mt. Rushmore, Fishing and the Hills

This weekend was a busy one. What was supposed to be pretty laid back turned into a pretty busy time. Friday was the busiest day, but also the most fun.

It started off as a plan to go to a preschool graduation party for my son, Ricky. It was a good time, and watching him was a blast. The ceremony simple and contained some Lakota songs, which was cool. Living on the reservation has been fun for that cultur lesson.

After his graduation, I had the opportunity to talk to a book store, Black Hills Books and Tresures, in Hot Springs, about carrying Morgan Goes Fishing. It will be available on June 1st, so I am trying to find sellers. I was lucky enough to leave with a small order for my books. She even offered me a chance at some side work. Score!

Next we wound up going for a drive in the Black Hills. We ended up going by Mount Rushmore as a surprise for Ricky. Even as he read the signs as we got closer, I had convinced him it was just the route we were driving.

This made for a happy little Little herd. The girls loved seeing the presidents and Ricky decided he wanted to be President one day. I hope he changes mind.

The rest of the weekend was fishing and hanging out with the kids. Ricky turned into quite the little fisherman. Morgan and Bella both had a blast and the kids asked when I am going to write my next book, while quoting me Morgan Goes Fishing. It was fun.

It was a lot busier than we had planned. Some things aren’t really worth talking about. 143 hours of driving doesn’t make for good story telling. We visited the hills, saw some cool sites and enjoyed some much needed family time. We needed that.

Old souls and oil lamps

There are two things I love. A good storms and an oil lamp. I’ve been told I’m an old soul because of the way I see things. That’s probably not wrong.

Tonight we had a good thunderstorm. That’s always a good way to spend a day. I miss having a porch to sit on and watch them. Luckily we lost power for a good chunk of the evening.

We lit the oil lamps and just enjoyed the rain. There are few better ways to recharge. A good camping trip or a good fishing trip are the only things I can think of that are just as good.

Some nights I turn off the lights and light the oil lamps. It makes me feel at home. I don’t know why, but it is just a calming feeling. I think I would have been a good pioneer. I wish I could live in those times.

Nights like this just make me feel like I’m in a different, better time. One can feel more connected to the world. The noise shuts off and you can hear the things God made. The rain, the wind, the peace. (If you disagree, please be fair and respect my views. I will respect yours)

It’s good to disconnect. Ignore that I am writing this on my phone using the 4g signal. When it feels right to write, you write.

Back to the silence.

Finally, catch

One of the things I have looked forward to, since we found out we were having a boy 6 years ago, was playing baseball with him. Unfortunately life got in the way of that. Shortly before he was born my health went to crap.

I got the early symptoms of a neurological disorder that has yet to be diagnosed. I lost my strength and stability and wasn’t able to do half of what I wanted to. For 5 years it just got worse.

In a few days my son, Ricky, is graduating from head start. This is barely an accomplishment, but he’s excited. He is a book worm, and highly intelligent.

However, he has zero athletic ability. My health issues over the last several years have not helped this. It also doesn’t help that his mom is not athletic. Luckily, I have felt really good for the last 6 weeks or so. I got playful.

For his graduation present we got him a baseball and glove. He wasn’t supposed to get them until after his graduation on Friday, but daddy got excited. After dinner we got to go out and play a little catch. He was super excited to find out that his new glove matched mine.

He had a blast. He did manage to catch one ball in the half hour or so we played. The neighbor kids came over and they got to play too. I couldn’t feel too bad. They are older than him and no better.

It looks like I may be able to teach a few boys in the neighborhood some baseball. They are clumsy, and terrible at it, but they put their best in to learning. It’s hard to ask for anything else. After all, I finally get to play catch with my boy.

Mother’s Day, one for the books

Today we had a rather lazy mother’s day. My wife woke up in excruciating pain from an abscessed tooth. We decided to get up and go to church anyway.

By the time we made our 45 minute drive to church she had reached the point where she didn’t want to be around people. She was hurting too bad, and just wanted to go home. So, that’s what we did.

She rarely allows me to cook so when we got home, she made lunch. She didn’t eat with the rest of us, but she tried. Then she went to lay down. Two hours later she woke up with a swollen jaw and could barely open her mouth.

We knew the emergency room was not really the best place to go, but we went. That was a nice 100 mile drive there. Oh, did I mention the 7 miles of mud and slop that we had to get to just to get to the highway. Yeah, that was there too because it has rained for 2 days. Oh well, we live in a pretty spot.

When we got to the hospital, she went back and I waited in the lobby with the kids. Apparently the doctor yelled at her for not coming in sooner. About an hour later she came out with some pain killers and antibiotics. She should be up and running in a couple days.

We got dinner and went home. Another 100 miles. But again, it’s a nice spot. When we got home we discovered one of our 2 dogs was missing. All the doors and windows were closed. We had no clue how he got out.

It was time for the kids to go to bed, and they were upset that the dog was gone. Morgan told me, “daddy I can’t sleep if Loki is gone.”

Guess who wound up looking for the dog in the dark and the mud. That’s right, I did. After about 15 laps through our little community I finally found Loki. He was a block down the road. I could see him from the house.

I picked him up and took him home. Luckily, this was enough for abbie and the kids to fall asleep while I figured out how Loki had escaped.

He had forced open the bedroom door and jumped out a window. While Abbie rested on the couch, I boarded up the window. He shouldn’t be able to get out anymore.

I really hope next mother’s day is better for Abbie. She is an awesome mom and deserves. Even more, I hope she can get in to see a dentist soon and take care of her tooth. On a good note, we got to see a killer sunset.

Happy mother’s day.

New job, new ghosts

I just started a job at a hotel in South Dakota. It’s at another haunted hotel. The cool thing is, they embrace the hauntings. There is even a book in the lobby that explains the hauntings and origins.

I asked a couple of employees what they have heard as far as complaints of ghost activity goes. I have a couple new things to look forward to.

At four years old the founders daughter died. I believe the cause was tuberculosis but I won’t say for sure. Over the years there have been complaints of a little girl laughing in the halls and knocking on doors.

One night a guest called down to complain about this same thing. What she didn’t know what the story of the little girl. It did however confirm the stories a co-worker of mine had heard.

Shortly after being built, a bride jumped from an 8th story window on the night of her wedding. This to me is a drastic way to celebrate. I’m kidding, it’s a really sad story. Another story is about an employee that hung herself in a guest room closet.

These are just the stories I was told with little information about them. I look forward to hearing stories and having experiences as my time there continues. I can keep you updated. In the mean time, tell me a place I should check out.

Talking with a 2 year old

My youngest daughter, Bella, has blossomed a lot over the last 3 months. In February she got tubes in her ears and it completely changed her world. It’s been a blast to watch.

The night they put the tubes in Abbie came home from work, and Bella kept repeating “mom” because you could tell it sounded different to her. It has been fun to watch as she learns more with her improved hearing.

Today we went for a walk and she talked the whole time. It was mostly about the cat they had that went missing. It’s name is Catfur. Creative I guess.

Anyway, she kept asking where Catfur was. Then she would answer herself, Maybe he is brushing his teeth. He is using his cat tooth brush. Maybe he went to get coffee. Maybe he is eating lunch at his house.

Then we had an interesting conversation about blowing her nose. This is when I learned that in the mind of a 2 year old you have to take off your shoes to blow your nose. But only when you are standing on the toilet paper.

She has had huge gains just in the last week. Her conversations are getting more complex and I can see her brain working extra. I have had a lot of fun with her this week. Next thing I know she will be 30.