A Sleepless Night and A Twisted Tale

Tonight I am struggling with a case of insomnia. I keep having these weird stories made up in my mind when I try to sleep. For a little peace, I decided to write one of them down. Then I decided to share it. It’s horrible and makes little sense, but here is the raw, unedited, insomnia induced retelling of Little Red Riding Hood.

Little Red Riding Hood

One day miss Mary Sue Elizabeth Johannsen was sick, and had to stay home from school. She was excited because that meant her grandmother would come over and read her stories.

“Mary Sue Elizabeth, Today we are reading Little Red Riding Hood,” grandmother said.

“Oh good, but why did they call her Red Riding Hood?” Mary Sue asked.

“She looked horrible in blue,” grandmother said. “Let’s begin.”


One day grandma was sick and needed soup. So Red Riding Hood was going to go through the woods to take her some.


“Why did grandma need soup?” asked Mary Sue.

“It has magical healing powers.” grandmother replied.


“Don’t talk to strangers Little Red,” said her mother.

Little Red skipped merrily through the woods and came across a wolf. “Hey there, Little Red,” he said. “Are you off to your grandma’s house to take her some soup?”

“Golly, Mr. Wolf, I sure am,” she answered happily. Then continued on her way.

“I wish I had soup,” the wolf moaned to himself. “Let’s go take grandma’s.”

Now, since wolves are very fast and Little Red wasn’t, a short distance up the path the two met again.

“I want soup.” the wolf demanded.

“Nope,” said Little Red, the continued on.

“Rude.” the wolf whispered.

Little Red came to a fork in the road, “I should pick that up,” she said, and placed it in her basket.


“That’s not what a fork in the road means, grandmother,” Mary Sue said.

“It’s my story,” grandma quipped. “Shall we continue?”

“Sure, But, I don’t think this is the real story.” Mary Sue said, confused.


The wolf tried again to get the soup. He ran as fast as he could to catch up to Little Red.

“I want soup,” he growled.

‘No, Mr. Wolf, this is for grandma.” Little Red said.

“But, I’m hungry.” the wolf begged with a long whine.

“Wolves don’t get soup.” Little Red answered. “And don’t whine. It’s not a good way to get what you want.”

Little Red continued up the road and finally came to grandma’s house. She didn’t see the wolf sneak in through the back door.

She opened the door and walked inside. She found grandma standing at the kitchen sink washing dishes.

“Grandma, why are you up? You should be resting in bed.” she said, concerned for her grandma.

“There is a wolf in my bed.” grandma replied. “He said he wants soup.”

Just then the wolf jumped out of bed and cornered the two in the kitchen. They let out a scream.

As he passed by a kind woodsman heard the scream and pulled his truck over and ran to help. He looked through the window and saw the wolf. Running back to his truck he grabbed his chainsaw and the steak he had brought for lunch. “Perfect bait,” he said.


“Grandmother, this story doesn’t really make sense.” Mary Sue said.

“Just listen, it’s about over.” Grandmother said calmly.


The woodsman fired up his chainsaw and quickly cut down trees. Then he stacked them into a makeshift jail cell and waved the steak in the air.

“Hey, wolf,” he hollared, “Come eat this steak, not those kind ladies”

The wolf excitedly ran outside and ran for the steak. The woodsman threw the steak in the cell and slammed the door. “Have a good day ladies,” he yelled as he got in his truck and drove away.

Little Red and Grandma stared at each other in shock. “Well, this has been quite the day,” Grandma said. “Now how about some of that soup.”

The end.


Mary Sue stared at her grandmother. Her big brown eyes gave away the confusion as she tried to make sense of the story. “Where did the woodsman get the door from?” she finally asked.

“It was in his truck. At least that’s what he told the judge.” Grandmother said.

“Judge? What judge.” Mary Sue asked.

“The one at his trial.” Grandmother answered. “Before he was sent back to jail.”

“Was this a real story?” Mary Sue asked.

“Yes, and you grandfather gets out tomorrow.” Grandmother said. “Now get some rest. Tomorrow is a big day.”

As I said, this makes very little sense. I dont know it is the result of my thoughts about making bedtime story videos, or stress from other situations, but it is certainly odd. Hopefully at least gave you a laugh here or there.

Have a great day.



My poor girl

We have those weeks that we are always happy to leave behind us. This has been one of those weeks and we have a couple days to go. I broke a tooth and have to wait to get that taken care of, and worse than that, my Bella baby broke her nose.

The last 2 days for me have been slow and painful. I broke a tooth and it has kicked my butt. For a while though I didn’t feel anything. Adrenaline does that, especially when it comes to your kids.

When my son got home from school he asked if he and Bella could play with the neighbor kid. Sure, no problem. He knows he has to watch his sister, and I check up on them regularly. We live in a safe neighborhood and we can let kids play. It’s awesome.

The kids had been outside playing for maybe 15 minutes when Ricky comes in without Bella. Naturally I got ready to fuss at him for leaving you sister outside, like kids do. Then he tells me Bella fell and had a bloody nose.

I run outside and see Bella covered in blood. I grab her and the handkerchief in my pocket, sit down in the snow and start taking care of it. Within seconds I start going through all the questions in my mind, do we go to the ER, maybe I should take her to the clinic, crap if I do that I have to call my wife and tell her. Maybe I should just take her inside and stop the bleeding, if I do that, what if it don’t stop. It’s possible I was panicking.

Ricky stayed right by my side ready to help Bella. She is 3 and he is 6 and the greatest thing in her world. She’s sure of it, and he didn’t leave her side. I was proud of him.

After a blood soaked handkerchief, some toilet paper a wet wash cloth and a heart attack, we got her cleaned up. We had to wash her coat, gloves and shirt to get the blood out. The poor girl had a rough few minutes.

Now I could ask what in the world happened. Ricky told me they had been running to the neighbors house and she fell on the ice. Nothing horrible or mean, she just fell. Luckily she was okay.

I wish I could say this was our first broken nose. Unfortunately, I cannot. My wife has broken her nose 8 times. Three of those have been since we got married, and of those 3, two were caused by Ricky. One was playing, one was the result to too much sugar with a severe sugar sensitivity.

Once we got Bella checked all was well, just a broken nose. She has such a cute little nose too. Once the swelling and bruising goes down I am sure she will be fine. But, man, what a day.

Abandoned Indiana Farmhouse

Hello everyone.

I just got back from a Christmas trip to Indiana. I grew up there and left about 9 years ago. We did go back for a year but it wasn’t home. It’s fine to visit though.

As we made the plans for our trip a friend of mine asked if we could go to an old cemetery she likes. The week I left, back in 2010, we decided to have a picnic there. Over the years she has come across some new cemeteries to check out.

There is a large Amish population in the area, and one of the places she wanted to show me was an old Amish cemetery set behind an abandoned house. Naturally, I had to see the house.

When we walked in, we entered the kitchen, and the first thing I noticed was a creepy looking stuffed baby doll on the floor. That was off-putting.

As we went through the house it got more interesting. The floors were covered with more than 20 years of trash and old clothes. The floors were carpeted with every article of clothing the family had to own at that point.

We found a notebook when we went upstairs. It had a note dated 1993. I was 8 at that time, so that was cool. I was apprehensive to go upstairs due to the roof and windows being gone, so I was concerned about safety.

Anyway, the upstairs had what was probably 3 bedrooms. One room was filled with old mattresses. One had the typical creepy chair sitting in the middle of the room. The other was inaccessible, the floor wasn’t sturdy enough for us to get to close.

The rest of the downstairs showed typical signs of being a home. There was a trophy on a dresser and another thrown and broken on the floor. Someone had to be proud of that at some point. Now it just wastes away. That bummed me out.

The living room was hard to get through. The walls were pretty torn up and trash was everywhere. There was what appeared to be a kids room off to the right that had a small chest with pandas on it. That was neat, especially since my friend calls her son her little panda.

The rest was just trashed. I didn’t go into the basement. It wasn’t worth the risk. The bathroom was well worn out, but it had all the fixtures. I was surprised. For being empty for 25 years and having no windows, it was still solid.

This wasn’t the coolest abandoned place I ever explored, but it was good. It’s been a long time since I really had the chance to do that. I encourage you to get out and explore some areas. It’s fun, it’s interesting and it’s exercise. Just don’t get in trouble for trespassing.

Let’s Promote Children’s Reading

Hello again. On an finally done with my month of insanity. There is still plenty to be done, but I can slow down. At least for now.

This means one really exciting thing, I can promote stuff again. I have some book reviews coming up that always prove to be popular. It’s coming this weekend.

As an author, I also get to push my own books again. Good Knight Ricky and the Bad Joke Dragon is well under way. For this month, and through my page only, Morgan Goes Fishing will be dropped to $5.99. Amazon is $7.99.

Education is important to my family. My wife is a teacher and I write children’s books. It works. So we are running a promo through the month of November.

Illustrations are in the planning stages for Good Knight Ricky and the Bad Joke Dragon. I added to it, and it has taken shape as either a short story or a small chapter book. Updates will be made on progress as we go along.

That’s all I have for today. Keep an eye out for the upcoming book reviews. If you have something you would like reviewed, please email me. It’s free and we can have some fun.

Also, grab your little reader a copy of Morgan Goes Fishing all month. Find it under my Welcome page. We can always use a like and a share, so go ahead, like it, share it. I promise, I don’t mind.


Simple ghost hunt tools

As you all know I am a bit of a spook enthusiast. I have spent years reading, watching and learning about our mysterious friends. Over the years I have seen a lot of tools used. I use two that have always done well and i have one that I am experimenting with, I won’t recommend it until I know more.

I am of the mentality, if a place is haunted, it’s always haunted. Fancy tools aren’t needed to prove it. So I keep it simple.

My personal favorite is a mini maglight like this.


This is about as simple as it gets. A good twist top to turn on and you are up and running. All you have to do is loosen the top to the point of needing slight contact to turn the light on.

When you start answering simple yes and no questions, you will get a response in the form of a light being turned on. The first time I had this work for myself, I freaked out a little. I asked the question, “If you are here with me, turn on the light.” It listened. I was not prepared for that for some reason.

Next, I prefer a simple digital voice recorder. Preferably something that can be connected to a computer for easier review. One like this is fine


Really, on these, cheap is fine. The more you spend the finer the sound, but if you are just getting started, this is great. I have picked up spurred footsteps, wagon wheel squeaking and knocking on even the cheapest one i could find.

I am experimenting with a laser grid. So far i haven’t had much luck. But you won’t always anyway.

A lot of people use apps or their recorder on their phone. I personally don’t trust them. I don’t know why. If you know a good app to try, let me know and I will for sure check it out. I’m openminded.

If you want to check do a hunt, you really can use the simplest of tools. You will learn what you prefer. Don’t be discouraged if it isn’t high end stuff. It’ll still do the job.

It’s Friday, which means it’s exploration night. Go out and do a lite exploring too. Have some fun, but stay safe.

Stolen Scooby

I haven’t shared a good growing up story in quite some time. I was watching a video on YouTube and remembered this one. Thinking back on it almost 20 years later, and it’s still an odd story.

My cousin Brandon, sister Tonya, one of Brandon’s friends and me decided we were going to a movie in Sturgis Michigan. Not an exciting time, but fun. Brandon had his car, the Scooby mobile full of Scooby Doo stuffed animals.

My personal preference is Rocky and Bullwinkle.

We went into the theaters enjoyed the movie. I can’t remember for the life of me what we saw. When the movie was over, we got to the car to find it had been stripped clean of all his stuffed animals. I believe his CD ‘s were gone too. I can’t remember.

He reported it to the police and we moved on. On the way home, we stopped for gas at a little station in Howe, IN. It was a warm night, the windows were rolled down and we were all talking while he out gas in.

Out of nowhere a car pulled up and the driver shouted, “Hey man, are you missing something?” Then drove away laughing.

After a few minutes of confusion we realized it was the guy who stole the stuff, and the Scooby mobile was easy to spot. It was a 1986 Chevy Nova. Not a sexy car by any means.

We had to take the friend home, about 45 minutes away. Suddenly a car was flying up behind us, then turned on its high beams. It started passing us, slowed down beside us for a second the finished going around. It was weird too.

A little ways up the road a car was coming toward us, just as it got close enough, they turned on it’s high beams and drove by. At this point we were starting to freak out. We didn’t know what was going on.

By the time we reached the friends house we had been passed by what we were convinced was the same car 4 times. Twice from behind, twice from the opposite direction. Each time with the high beams done the same way.

It was one of those nights that makes no sense at all. I don’t remember if he got any of the scooby stuff back, but we did get a fun story to tell.

We were scared. We were confused. We were scoobyless. Really, it was a win for us.

The Little Dinosaur review

Hey everybody. We are back today with another awesome book review. Today we are checking out “The Little Dinosaur” by Samantha Ball.

We will get right to it. The book is awesome. It had a very similar feel to “Are You My Mother.” That was my favorite book growing up.

The story follows the little dinosaur through his day. He gets to explore his land and have some fun. He learns a few important lessons along the way. After getting lost, a friend helps him find his way home.

My kids loved it. We have read it a few times since I downloaded it. It is available on Amazon in both paperback and ebook format.

I highly recommend it. It’s a cute story, with even cuter art. You won’t be disappointed. You can check it out at the link below.

I will be getting more reviews going shortly. Keep an eye out for them. Have a great day.


Steve the Bigfoot Hunter Review

Today we finish out our reviews on the Feisty Cat books By Natasha and David Breen. The last two books have been awesome. I will say though, this was my favorite. I am a bit of a Bigfoot nerd.

There is nothing wrong at all in this book. The story is cleverly written. It sticks with the same style we have seen in their previous works, and it’s Bigfoot. It’s humorous enough for adults, but easy enough to really get a kids attention.

My son laid claim to all 3 of the books the Breens sent. That is a success in my book. I won’t go in to a lot of detail on it because I can’t pick my favorite parts of it. It’s easily my favorite from this brother/sister team.

DO yourselves a favor, go on Amazon and find their books. Any of the three I reviewed here, or any of the others. I cannot recommend them enough. They deserve to be read. The family deserves the encouragement. If nothing else, Do it for Bigfoot. He’s a good guy, just misunderstood.


Writing, writing, and avoiding issues

Hey everybody. It is another late night. We have a few more projects in the books and some more that are past due. Yay. The nature of the beast I suppose.

I am pretty well pulling the plug on Lizzie. I have lost any real reason to move forward. My partner is ignoring the very obvious issues in front of her. I have tried to explain that she needs a physical book in her hand to have a successful Kickstarter campaign.

I have told her we need to coordinate our illustrations for the layouts. She wants it all done now, and is willing to do no work to get it there. Now they want to put a video on our campaign, with still nothing to offer. So it is at a standstill. I will be closing the Kickstarter in the next couple days and refunding the contributions. I feel that’s fair.

Ricky’s book is coming along nicely. We have a rough character sketch. We have a killer story built and about a quarter of the writing done. He is pumped. I love it.

I am submitting my 3rd script tomorrow on Tuesday for our educational videos. Keeping it down to 2 minutes has been quite that challenge with the subject matter we are trying to pack in.

Finally, I wrote a script for an individual I sold a story to a while back. He is wanting to make a Kickstarter campaign for a cool digital book setup. That script is out of the way. I can see a little light in front of me.

It’ll be nice until the next burial. But hey, that’s my job. I think until then, I am going to do more fishing. We went 3 times this weekend and I caught one. So that sucked, but it was relaxing.

Have a great week, keep an eye out for a couple more book reviews coming your way, and other nonsense as I see fit.


A Museum Haunt

I have recently decided to take each Friday and do a haunted event of some kind. One day I will turn something up. This one isn’t for anything more than to feed my fascination. I have always had fun with the unknown.

I have worked in many haunted locations. Deadwood, South Dakota brought me many opportunities. My favorite part of it was working at a trio of haunted museums. We had the Days of 76, The Adams Museum, and the Adams House. I was lucky enough to do spend time at all three.

In October the Adams House does a guided haunted tour. It is in an 1892 Queen Anne Victorian home. It is an amazing house. It is a busy house, and it is a blast.

Apart from the history there are the ghosts. There are the sounds, the sights, the smells. It’s all there. During the tours I was working the gift shop to take admissions and the supervisor asked me to take the midnight tour.

We got hands on with the ghosts. The tools used were fascinating by themselves. What got me was the stuff we didn’t need equipment to see. It did however end with a visit from the police and fire department.

It was our 10:00 pm tour and it had been a quiet night. There was the occasional E.V.P. but nothing to exciting. All of the sudden our fire alarm system started going off. We had to evacuate the house.

When the fire department showed up, they had to do a full inspection of the house. They found that an alarm had been tripped in the smoking lounge of the house. This was in a roped off room, in the 3rd floor of this house.

According to reports of the tour group a guest had asked for a sign of any presence in the house. The alarm immediately went off, along with the faint smell of cigar smoke. Unfortunately, I could not be in this group. I can just go with the reports of 15-20 people.

Throughout the night I did get the opportunity to listen to various E.V.P’s captured by the crew. They had captured intelligent responses to questions and sounds that shouldn’t have been in a silent house. It was awesome.

For me, the best part was the flashlight. If you ever want a cheap and simple tool to use for a ghost hunting session, use a flash light. The kind that the tip screws in and out to turn on and off. I will say that this is DEFINITELY effective.

We placed a flashlight on the bed with the tip unscrewed to the point it had to be pushed to make the light come on. We started asking simple questions. The goal was to talk the spirit into communicating with us by pressing the light. Again, the light would only come on when contact was made with the light.

The group members would ask questions then tell the spirit to touch the light to let us know it was there. The first time I assumed it was a fluke. After the answering of 5 questions and seeing the light come on in the middle of an empty bed, I was convinced.

I have used digital recorders and flashlights effectively in my hunts. If you want to do it, DO IT. Go out and find a good haunt. If you are ever in Deadwood, South Dakota, go to the museums I mentioned before. You won’t be disappointed.

I tried a haunted drive last week and it was a major bust. I am working on other places to check out now. I have a few good stories from the past, like the one tonight. These will fill in for my disappointing weeks.

I will for sure be sharing the new stories as they come. These will be probably on a Saturday or Sunday so keep an eye out. If you hear of a good place to check out, let me know. If I can find the funds I will travel to a few spots.

I have to replace my recorder. A “friend” stole the one I had awesome recordings on. I will be investing in another flashlight. Most importantly, I am getting back out there. Stay tuned for more fun. Until next week my fellow spook enthusiasts.