Back In Action

I have been away for a few days, but still tried to post stuff. It failed. We have been swamped with a move and getting a million things done.

I will be posting regularly again in the next few days. Hopefully by the end of next week we can start getting some author interviews going. It depends on the response.

In other news Morgan Goes Fishing has sold almost 40 copies. It’s moving along nicely. It could be better, but I’m happy with the progress.

I will also be setting up a page to share some antique books that i lucked into. There will be others along the way. I’m looking forward to those. Until next time.


Would You Do It?

My last few posts have been of a paranormal nature. It has always been an interest of mine. My first apartment was haunted. Shortly after my wife moved in she started experiencing what I already knew happened.

Every morning I would hear footsteps shuffling across my floor to the head of my bed. My wife, Abbie, called me one day to tell me someone sat down at the foot of the bed while she was in it alone. And there were the typical things being moved.

Another house we lived in had a randomly flushing toilet. The dog wouldn’t let Abbie into the basement on more than one occasion. My son even saw an old lady sitting on the bed.

We found this out when he said, “mommy, the old lady was sitting on my bed. It’s okay though she was nice.” When he described her, it was exactly the same description my wife and I both had for what we had seen.

One night I had had enough of him being scared of his bedroom and went in with a digital recorder to have a chat with her. I asked a few questions, even got some responses and she turned on my flashlight, which had been laying on the bed.

There were the events that I shared on other posts in the hotel and museum too. This has fascinated me. I want to pursue more haunted hunting locations. I want to go in and see what I can find.

So, the question is, Would you do it? Would you go into a place said to be haunted, by yourself and see what happened? Would you face fears just for the heck of it? Would you spend your money for a hobby like that?

I’m not so sure my wife would let me. If she did I know she would worry. That’s okay because I would do it. Would you?

Are there spots you know that should be on my list? Is there a place I should avoid? I want input on this. I know South Dakota is a heck of a place to start. Maybe I should.

Museum Ghosts

I worked for a group of museums in a small town in South Dakota. It was a fun job. I met people from around the world, and heard some interesting stories. A common question I heard at one museum in particular was, “Is this place haunted?”

My boss had told me stories of things happening that couldn’t really be explained. On my third day, I saw my first apparition there. That was pretty mellow for me.

One day as I played a wooden flute, terribly I might add, I heard music. I was tired of hurting my own ears and decided to put the flute away. I heard music again.

I listened and heard beautiful flute music playing. We had 2 videos that would play on repeat, so I decided the music was coming from them. When I checked, it was neither.

After about 5 minutes the music stopped. I have had experiences my whole life. For me this was nothing new. I enjoyed it.

I walked through opening the museum in the mornings and get to the basement and say, “Let’s have some fun today guys,” to our ghostly friends. These were the days I had the most questions.

Most were stories of one horse drawn hurst in particular. This was a beautiful white hurst. I loved seeing it every day. The best story actually got me pretty excited and almost scared.

I had a guest come in one day and we had a sign up for paranormal tours at another museum. It was just before closing time and they had walked up from the basement.

The lady of the couple asked me angrily, “I suppose you expect me to believe this place is haunted!”

I responded, “ma’am I don’t expect you to believe anything, but I will say I have had reports of strange occurrences.” I figured this would be enough to relax her a little. She got even more angry. For the next bit let’s call her G.


Me: “Well I’m sorry to hear that if it’s something you were looking forward to.”

G: “where are these supposed ghosts.”

Me: “I have the most reports of things happening in the corner by the white hurst.”

At this point the she stopped talking, her new dropped and went white. I grinned at her then asked, “What happened?”

She stared for a minute before she replied quietly, “I was taking a picture by that hurst and my camera died. It was fully charged when I came in. If I walk out of this museum and my camera turns back on I will be furious!”

I told her that was not an uncommon complaint, and for her sake, I hoped her camera didn’t turn on. She stepped outside and I locked the door behind them and changed the sign over to “Closed”.

I watched for a second as they went down the stairs and she turned around, glaring at me. Her camera had turned on woth no problems. They walked to their car and I turned to lock up.

Normally I would lock up the upstairs portion of the museum first. This time I went right to the basement. I got to the room with the carriages, that they had just left and the energy in the room was intense.

It was the only time I felt uncomfortable in this room. As I got across the room to the white hurst I heard, KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK! It was coming from the front of a carriage.

I walked to the front and heard the same KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK, from the back of the carriage. I walked to the back and heard three more knocks from the front. At this point I knew my ghostly friends were mad.

I told them, “calm down guys. I’m sorry she upset you, but she’s gone now. Just have a good night.” Yes, I talked to the ghosts. Why not?

The intense energy in the room lightened after that. I got out of the room as fast as I could and finished closing the museum.

I decided that I needed to pick up a recorder to see if I could get anything on there. I picked up a few things, but nothing major. There were spurred footsteps, wood creaking, and a sound I couldn’t identify.

This was easily the most interesting job I had. I am convinced this place had something going on. I welcomed them and enjoyed them. Why not have someone to talk to on a dead quiet day, right?

Author Interview

I have decided to add a section for author interviews on this page. As a freelance children’s author I know the importance of networking. Each one will be a short typed interview where we discuss current works and share other projects you may have done. I can be contacted through the contact me link below or through facebook. I look forward to hearing from you.


Morgan Goes Fishing

For a few months I have been working on my first children’s book, Morgan Goes Fishing. It was inspired by a day of fishing with my 3 year old. The excitement she had and the way she played captured what I felt would be relatable to a lot of little girls. She wanted to have an adventure and she wanted to look pretty. I got the pictures in today and think the water color adds a really special effect that helped to set the feel of the story. I am unsure of the release date, but I am excited to get to this stage. And for those who may wonder, she really did kiss her fish before I threw it back.