A Sleepless Night and A Twisted Tale

Tonight I am struggling with a case of insomnia. I keep having these weird stories made up in my mind when I try to sleep. For a little peace, I decided to write one of them down. Then I decided to share it. It’s horrible and makes little sense, but here is the raw, unedited, insomnia induced retelling of Little Red Riding Hood.

Little Red Riding Hood

One day miss Mary Sue Elizabeth Johannsen was sick, and had to stay home from school. She was excited because that meant her grandmother would come over and read her stories.

“Mary Sue Elizabeth, Today we are reading Little Red Riding Hood,” grandmother said.

“Oh good, but why did they call her Red Riding Hood?” Mary Sue asked.

“She looked horrible in blue,” grandmother said. “Let’s begin.”


One day grandma was sick and needed soup. So Red Riding Hood was going to go through the woods to take her some.


“Why did grandma need soup?” asked Mary Sue.

“It has magical healing powers.” grandmother replied.


“Don’t talk to strangers Little Red,” said her mother.

Little Red skipped merrily through the woods and came across a wolf. “Hey there, Little Red,” he said. “Are you off to your grandma’s house to take her some soup?”

“Golly, Mr. Wolf, I sure am,” she answered happily. Then continued on her way.

“I wish I had soup,” the wolf moaned to himself. “Let’s go take grandma’s.”

Now, since wolves are very fast and Little Red wasn’t, a short distance up the path the two met again.

“I want soup.” the wolf demanded.

“Nope,” said Little Red, the continued on.

“Rude.” the wolf whispered.

Little Red came to a fork in the road, “I should pick that up,” she said, and placed it in her basket.


“That’s not what a fork in the road means, grandmother,” Mary Sue said.

“It’s my story,” grandma quipped. “Shall we continue?”

“Sure, But, I don’t think this is the real story.” Mary Sue said, confused.


The wolf tried again to get the soup. He ran as fast as he could to catch up to Little Red.

“I want soup,” he growled.

‘No, Mr. Wolf, this is for grandma.” Little Red said.

“But, I’m hungry.” the wolf begged with a long whine.

“Wolves don’t get soup.” Little Red answered. “And don’t whine. It’s not a good way to get what you want.”

Little Red continued up the road and finally came to grandma’s house. She didn’t see the wolf sneak in through the back door.

She opened the door and walked inside. She found grandma standing at the kitchen sink washing dishes.

“Grandma, why are you up? You should be resting in bed.” she said, concerned for her grandma.

“There is a wolf in my bed.” grandma replied. “He said he wants soup.”

Just then the wolf jumped out of bed and cornered the two in the kitchen. They let out a scream.

As he passed by a kind woodsman heard the scream and pulled his truck over and ran to help. He looked through the window and saw the wolf. Running back to his truck he grabbed his chainsaw and the steak he had brought for lunch. “Perfect bait,” he said.


“Grandmother, this story doesn’t really make sense.” Mary Sue said.

“Just listen, it’s about over.” Grandmother said calmly.


The woodsman fired up his chainsaw and quickly cut down trees. Then he stacked them into a makeshift jail cell and waved the steak in the air.

“Hey, wolf,” he hollared, “Come eat this steak, not those kind ladies”

The wolf excitedly ran outside and ran for the steak. The woodsman threw the steak in the cell and slammed the door. “Have a good day ladies,” he yelled as he got in his truck and drove away.

Little Red and Grandma stared at each other in shock. “Well, this has been quite the day,” Grandma said. “Now how about some of that soup.”

The end.


Mary Sue stared at her grandmother. Her big brown eyes gave away the confusion as she tried to make sense of the story. “Where did the woodsman get the door from?” she finally asked.

“It was in his truck. At least that’s what he told the judge.” Grandmother said.

“Judge? What judge.” Mary Sue asked.

“The one at his trial.” Grandmother answered. “Before he was sent back to jail.”

“Was this a real story?” Mary Sue asked.

“Yes, and you grandfather gets out tomorrow.” Grandmother said. “Now get some rest. Tomorrow is a big day.”

As I said, this makes very little sense. I dont know it is the result of my thoughts about making bedtime story videos, or stress from other situations, but it is certainly odd. Hopefully at least gave you a laugh here or there.

Have a great day.



Family Priorities

In my last post, which was a while ago, I mentioned that I was living in a town 4 hours from my family and working to pay off debt. Well, that lasted 6 weeks. My wife and kids went to pick me up around Mother’s Day, and when I hugged my wife I noticed she had lost a lot of weight.

Abbie is a small framed girl already. The school she teaches at is a huge stressor for her, and my being gone added to it. We have 3 kids and it was more than she could handle while juggling school stress, too. It was an easy decision to make. I was home for good a few days later.

I was working at a hotel and had already put in my notice to switch to a better company and position. I decided to pass on the new job and go home where i was needed. The slim job market here makes it tough, but something will come along.

In the meantime, I have been writing again. I have had a horrible dry spell. Nothing clicks like it should, and everything just kinda sucks. That’s if I can even get a good idea going anyway.

I have created a new character for a story series, Waylon the Wandering Whale, and the “Morgan” franchise is getting some new stories. I am still waiting to hear back from a publishing company for “Bella and Betty Bear’s Big Fight. Good Knight Ricky is still a challenge, but I am finally moving on that again. The missing element has been found, and it really changed the dynamic of the story. So, Things are happening, I’m just not overly vocal about it for now. Remember, Morgan Goes Fishing is available on Amazon or starting tomorrow, my eBay store.

We have also been working on our house. A LOT. It’s amazing what you can do to a house for under $50. We have painted, put in bookshelves, cut out trees and brush and hauled off 6 loads of trimmings. We have been busy. Here’s a flower bed we did over a tree stump I chopped out.

The good news, I have been more inspired to write. It’s almost like the more I work, the more ideas I have to write about. It’s not uncommon, I guess. Hard work is good for the brain. At least for me.

The best part of being home is my kids. They grew so much in the 6 weeks I was gone. Bella is a little marvel. I don’t know how to explain her, but she is amazing. Smart, caring and so much more big girly. Morgan just jad her 5th birthday. I don’t know what it is about her, but she inspires me in so many ways. Then there is Ricky. My little man. He has had some attitude issues that we are trying to work through.

I closed my facebook account. I can be found on Instagram and will be posting more there. I will even be starting some small video announcements and reveals. Find me on Instagram @danlittle104. My ebay store is also up and running, and I will be integrating things from there to here more very soon, so check it out @https://ebay.com/usr/littlebooksandhobbies. Find a book and enjoy.

Y’all have a good day.


The Little Labradoodle, Puppy Pickup Day Review

Hey everybody. Tonight we have another good book review. I got to read The Little Labradoodle; Puppy Pickup Day, y April Cox. I am really glad I got the opportunity.


The artwork for this book is enough to sell the story. I will admit that I have been hoping to read this story for a while. I had accepted the fact I would have to buy this book to read it to my kids. Luckily, I didn’t have to. I will do that later.

Would I have bought it, you bet. The cover stood out to me when I first saw it. Going through just helped to earn it a place on the bookshelf.

Ms. Cox did an amazing job creating a whole world for the dog in this book. The Little Labradoodle had to see his own shortcomings and come to terms with them. She let it do so in a really cute way.

The use of other animals to help The Little Labradoodle through its journey was fantastic. It was a great way to help kids learn other animals, as well as important lessons. Along with this, she used an awesome retracing of footsteps story line to teach as well.

It was a great book, and the illustrator did amazing work. My kids loved this book. They read it before bedtime and immediately wanted to read it again. The rhyme scheme, illustrations, and lessons make this an easy home run.

My only issue was the simple personal preference, I don’t really enjoy a rhyming book. (i hate the repetition of sounds). My kids love them, so we read them. It is not at all a reason not to buy this book. I got a free download for the review, and when we budget it in, I WILL be buying a hard copy.

I love supporting other authors and seeing their dreams grow. Follow the link below to get a copy of The Little Labradoodle today. You can’t go wrong with it.

While you’re at it, grab a copy of Morgan Goes Fishing for $6.99. Get it on my welcome page and save $1.00 off the Amazon price. Everyone have a great day, and thanks for checking out the review. Go show Ms. Cox a little support, she has a whole line of products to choose from.



The Little Dinosaur review

Hey everybody. We are back today with another awesome book review. Today we are checking out “The Little Dinosaur” by Samantha Ball.

We will get right to it. The book is awesome. It had a very similar feel to “Are You My Mother.” That was my favorite book growing up.

The story follows the little dinosaur through his day. He gets to explore his land and have some fun. He learns a few important lessons along the way. After getting lost, a friend helps him find his way home.

My kids loved it. We have read it a few times since I downloaded it. It is available on Amazon in both paperback and ebook format.

I highly recommend it. It’s a cute story, with even cuter art. You won’t be disappointed. You can check it out at the link below.

I will be getting more reviews going shortly. Keep an eye out for them. Have a great day.


Steve the Bigfoot Hunter Review

Today we finish out our reviews on the Feisty Cat books By Natasha and David Breen. The last two books have been awesome. I will say though, this was my favorite. I am a bit of a Bigfoot nerd.

There is nothing wrong at all in this book. The story is cleverly written. It sticks with the same style we have seen in their previous works, and it’s Bigfoot. It’s humorous enough for adults, but easy enough to really get a kids attention.

My son laid claim to all 3 of the books the Breens sent. That is a success in my book. I won’t go in to a lot of detail on it because I can’t pick my favorite parts of it. It’s easily my favorite from this brother/sister team.

DO yourselves a favor, go on Amazon and find their books. Any of the three I reviewed here, or any of the others. I cannot recommend them enough. They deserve to be read. The family deserves the encouragement. If nothing else, Do it for Bigfoot. He’s a good guy, just misunderstood.


New Book

Happy weekend, everyone. I decided to take the day off and do some fishing with the kids. They had fun. We caught nothing.

Just before we made it to the lake I got a message from my illustrator. She had a rough sketch ready for my book for my son.

Good Knight Ricky and his dragon Colborn

He is almost 6, and a typical boy. He wanted me to write a book about him being a knight. I have had the idea for several months, but disappointing sales of Morgan Goes Fishing put it on the back burner as I tried to promote it some more.

I have sold 3 copies in the last 2 months. Createspace will be shutting down, so I will be looking for better options for printing.

The Lizzie Andrews Series series needs some serious help. If you are at all interested in genealogy, history, classic women, war, any of it. Stop by our kickstarter page. If it doesn’t get funding it doesn’t happen.

My partner is doing next to nothing to promote it, so I get to push for my own good. We will be offering a one hour genealogy help prize to any donors. This way we help them, for helping us.

Now, for my son’s book. It is called Good Knight Ricky and the Bad Joke Dragon. He is a 6 year old boy with his pet dragon set out to save the kingdom. It’s for 5 to 8 year olds, probably 4,000 words.

I will share little details over the next couple of months. It’ll be a slow process. I will have to get money up for the illustrations and go over all that. I am considering a kickstarter for that as well, but I am not likely to use it. It may be a good way to get a boost to Lizzie as they see both projects from me. So I don’t know.

These are all things I will have to get worked out. If I do it it will be a straight across the board cost for a copy reward. Basically treat it as a preorder setup.

Anyway, let me know what you think. I appreciate the support I get here. You all have a great weekend.

In the meantime, if you want to grab a copy of Morgan Goes Fishing, you can buy it here, in my book nook. They are for sale at $6.99, and I will send a coloring bookmark with all purchases when the shipment comes in.


Review of Sweet Dreamer and Nightmare

It’s time for another book review. Today we are reviewing Sweet Dreamer & Nightmare And The Power of Positive Thinking By Natasha and David Breen. This is the 2nd of 3 books they asked me to review. Honestly, this book has been the hardest for me to review, but only in jest.

This book is terrible. It never stays in one place. When I find it, it disappears again. I usually find it in my sons room. Come to think of it, maybe my son is horrible. Or neither are horrible.

It’s a really cute book, even if it won’t stay put. My kids have loved it. It is an awesome book that shows the power of good thoughts.

Sweet Dreamer and Nightmare are exactly what you would expect them to be. They are cats in charge of good and bad dreams. Nightmare learns that it isn’t always so easy to scare someone.

We have read this book probably 30 in the last couple weeks. They cannot put it down. I tell them I need to use it, they have it hidden somewhere again. They love the art. It reminds me of the Thundercats from the 80’s.

The title sounds like something that would be scary, but my daughter Morgan loves it. She is afraid of everything. Disney movies included. There is nothing scary about it. It is a creative way to show that it’s good to be brave. Surprisingly it has helped her to be braver.

My favorite part, they won’t put it down. If my biggest complaint is that I can never find it, I won’t complain. It’s a great message written in a clever and friendly way. I highly recommend it.

David and Natasha are a talented team. They have a niche and they know how to use it. Go pick yourself up a copy of Sweet Dreamer & Nightmare And The Power of Positive Thinking. You will like it, your kids will like it, and it won’t scare them. It’s an awesome book. You can grab a copy on Amazon today here: http://a.co/d/4zg6HdO . You can also check out their Facebook page Feisty Cats.

Our next review will be the last in our series from Natasha and David Breen. But we have more great books to bring you. Have a great day.



A Day Job for Santa Claws Review

Hey guys.

I am back tonight with a new book review. This one is a little early in the year for it, but it’s only because I want to support it a little extra for the Christmas season. This one is called A Day Job for Santa Claws by Natasha and David Breen.

The first thing I want to say, This book is adorable. Santa Claws is a cat. This is the writers niche and they do it well. Anyway, Santa is a cat.

After an especially bad year he has to find some work to get by. He tries a few different jobs, and even gets in trouble. I won’t say how. Buy the book to find out. You’ll like it.

As he goes through the year, he has many different opportunities. He doesn’t like any of them. It carries the story really well, and it shares a good lesson. The book is awesome. My kids loved it. I will highly recommend A Day Job for Santa Claws to any parent. You can find it on Amazon here http://a.co/d/3aZmRI0

It is a new twist on Santa and it’s a really good one. I have 2 more books from this duo that i get to review this week. Keep an eye out for those over the next few days. I also have a couple e-books to review.

If you are interested in a book reading in the Humboldt County California area, please reach out to Feisty Cats Storybooks at www.feistycats.com They look forward to hearing from you. Stay tuned for more reviews over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, check out Little Books and Hobbies on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/littlebooksandhobbies/ or Instagram and Pinterest @danlittle104 . Have a great night everybody.


Hi everyone,

Today I launched the kickstarter campaign for The Lizzie Andrews Series. This is the project I have been working on for a while. I partnered with Kathy Jo Bryant to make this one happen.

She was looking for an author to share the stories of her 3rd great grandmother. These stories have been passed down since the 1800s, and have even been featured in newspaper articles.

Lizzie lived to be 110 years old. She lived in North Carolina, Virginia and Alabama throughout her life. She met General Washington around the time of the Siege of Yorktown. He gifted her a pair of silk stockings for her dancing skills at a cotillion he met her at.

That is actually going to be our first story set to release around presidents day. I am working on the manuscript now. Gypsi Walker, a college student, is working on our illustrations.

Our campaign will give you the chance to support the project and secure your own copy of the book before it is released. Take a minute and check out our link.

Have a great day



Hey guys. I am officially a stay at home dad again. My son starts school tomorrow so it will be me and my Bella girl. It’ll be quieter too, so I can have a chance to do more writing.

We will be able to take little adventures too, so we can have more exciting posts. She may be my ghost hunting buddy. She’s 2, that’s the right age for it right?

I will also be able to focus on my book collection too. My book nook has been untouched since June. Summer set me way off for my goals.

Another thing I am looking at is setting up more book reviews. I got 3 books in today, so reviews are coming. I might make a promo thing where I sell a few of the books on my site too. Morgan Goes Fishing will be available at a lower price as well.

I intend to get things going in the next week or so. Keep an eye out. There are good changes coming now that I have the time to do it.

One final thing, what would people think about me writing a custom story for them. Kids, grandkids, pets, stuff like that. I’m not sure how it would all work yet due to illustrations, but that would be fun.

Anyway, you guys have a great day. Let me know what you think. I have a lot of ideas and don’t want to get going down the wrong path.