A Boys Fishing Day

Hello again everyone. No venting today. Maybe a little because because my son kicked my butt fishing the other day. It was a fun time.

Ricky has been asking for a boys fishing day all summer. I told him we would go before school stsrted, but I didn’t know when. Naturally, as school starting came closer, he started asking more. Finally, I set our day to go.

We were both excited. I love fishing, he does too, and it was time together. No girls, no mom, just fishing. The evening we were going to go, I was called in to work. He was heartbroken. There is a good chance I was very disappointed.

Another week went by before we finally got to go. On my last day for the week, I told management if they called me I wasn’t answering, because I had a day with Ricky. They actually made it work and left the campground unattended that night.

We took off for our little trip across town. He couldn’t get ready fast enough. I took out the carseat and threw it in the bed of the truck so Ricky could have the window seat. Talk about one proud kid.

He was happy as can be. Until we got to the water. We sat out for 3 hours with not so much as a nibble. As expected, he got bored and started climbing around on the rocks, playing in the water, and recasting his line every 10 seconds.

I caught the first fish after about 3 hours. He was jealous. When I got my second fish a few minutes later I let him bring it in and counted it as his catch. I knew full well we may not get another bite that day. Well, it was a bad decision.

The second fish broke my line, so while I was putting my new hook on, Ricky got his first bite. He brought in an impressive bass.

I helped him pull it off the line and threw it back. I went back to my line, he brought in a second fish. A good catfish. This gave him the biggest catch of the day. I helped him pull it off and threw it back.

When I checked my rod I discovered a fish on my line. I reeled it in and had another catfish. I prefer catfishing over most others. It’s more fun for me. It’s what I was raised doing. So, yay catfish.

For a very small period of the day, I again had the biggest fish of the day. Ricky was determined to top me. And he did.

Just a few minutes later he had one last catch of the day. It hit hard and fast. It was a good fighting catfish. It was a chore for Ricky to bring it in.

I asked him, “Buddy, do you need some help?”

He shouted back, “Maybe! It’s pretty big!”

Watching him reel it in was amazing. He looked so grown up. So determined. I loved it. He finally brought in about a 23 inch cat that he couldn’t have been more proud of.

The day ended with no more bites. We went home for dinner and that was that. It was a great day. I am pretty proud of that kid.

I will admit, losing 4 to 2 to a 6 year old is a bit of a bummer. I couldn’t be more proud. He earned it and worked hard bringing them in. If I get outfished, that’s how I like it to be done.


Morgan Goes Fishing

Ladies and gentlemen. Morgan Goes Fishing is being temporarily pulled from Amazon. I have the last 20 copies ready to sell. If you are interested in one I will be happy to hook you up. Find the purchase link below.

I am pulling Morgan for a short time. Maybe a week, as I make a couple small changes. I will be including reviews I have received for it as well as a few minor updates to list my website and a link for a printable version of the included coloring pages. They will be larger copies that can be printed for your use, and they will be offered for free.

Sales have been horrible over the last few months, so I feel these pages will be a great increase in value for my readers. This is a new readers book, and great for your favorite picture book lover.  Get yourself one of the last copies before they are all gone. Each copy will also include 2 free bookmarks for your little ones to color and enjoy. Ya’ll have a great day, and thank you for the support.


Morgan Goes Fishing

Morgan Goes Fishing follows young Morgan and her dad as they enjoy their first fishing trip together. Told through the eyes of a 3 year old, Morgan shares a special memory that will last forever. Join Morgan on her special trip, then enjoy the coloring pages in the back to continue your own adventure. This is a great book for any parent and child who want to hang on to these moments in life.


Writing, writing, and avoiding issues

Hey everybody. It is another late night. We have a few more projects in the books and some more that are past due. Yay. The nature of the beast I suppose.

I am pretty well pulling the plug on Lizzie. I have lost any real reason to move forward. My partner is ignoring the very obvious issues in front of her. I have tried to explain that she needs a physical book in her hand to have a successful Kickstarter campaign.

I have told her we need to coordinate our illustrations for the layouts. She wants it all done now, and is willing to do no work to get it there. Now they want to put a video on our campaign, with still nothing to offer. So it is at a standstill. I will be closing the Kickstarter in the next couple days and refunding the contributions. I feel that’s fair.

Ricky’s book is coming along nicely. We have a rough character sketch. We have a killer story built and about a quarter of the writing done. He is pumped. I love it.

I am submitting my 3rd script tomorrow on Tuesday for our educational videos. Keeping it down to 2 minutes has been quite that challenge with the subject matter we are trying to pack in.

Finally, I wrote a script for an individual I sold a story to a while back. He is wanting to make a Kickstarter campaign for a cool digital book setup. That script is out of the way. I can see a little light in front of me.

It’ll be nice until the next burial. But hey, that’s my job. I think until then, I am going to do more fishing. We went 3 times this weekend and I caught one. So that sucked, but it was relaxing.

Have a great week, keep an eye out for a couple more book reviews coming your way, and other nonsense as I see fit.


Alabama Fishing

I haven’t done much for sharing any of the stupid stories lately. I have been thinking a lot about one that may be my favorite memory from childhood. We have a bad situation, so naturally, Scott was there. We had a lot of fun.

I was no more than 10 at the time. The only indicator of age is I remember eating pizza when we got home in Clarksville, TN. It was a good end to what was one of the best worst trips we could have asked for. It’s the bad ones? that stick with you after all.

My dad, 2 uncles, Scott and me all went to Alabama for a fishing trip. Another uncle let us borrow his boat. My uncle Denny had his 8 foot aluminum Jon Boat that he carried in the bed of his truck. It was 5 of us on this trip, so it wasn’t anything major. Just a fun day.

The first several hours of the day were great. We fished, we caught fish, we stopped for lunch. Denny played a joke on my dad and Uncle Bill that the waitress at the counter had asked him to come back when she got off work. We ate lunch and left.

I know, at this point its a pretty boring story. Stay with me.

We decided it was time to find a new place to fish. My dad remembered the fishing being good down by the old gas station he knew from growing up. We loaded up the boats and took off. Off in the distance we saw some clouds rolling in, but we knew we still had a while before the storm came. When we got to the boat launch by the gas station we unloaded and went back to fishing.

We explored the area a little bit. My dad showed us some places he remembered from growing up. After about an hour we saw the clouds were closer and figured we should go up closer to the boat launch. We got up close to the bank and fished along.

The water was starting to get rough as the wind picked up. That’s when the first flash of lightning hit. It hit the water maybe 200 feet from us. Then it hit the trees on the shore. The wind had picked up more and the storm was really getting good.

My dad decided it was time to go back to the shore and let the storm pass. The boat wouldn’t start. The motor had gotten jammed up. With all the bravery of an 10 year old, I started crying when i could hear trees falling on the shore. My dad responded lovingly with a, “oh knock it off. It’s only rain. Quit your crying.” I have said the exact same thing to my son.

After messing with the motor for a few minutes the boat was running and we made a mad dash back to the boat launch. Scott and Denny had made it back already and were finishing up unloading the rods and reels from Denny’s boat. Denny ran and pulled the truck and trailer down to get the boat loaded. His was just pulled up on the bank.

When he got the trailer in the water, my dad and Bill started loading the boat up. Bill was just out of the water getting the winch hooked up. Dad was at the back of the boat in the water, trying to get the boat lined up. In the rush it wasn’t the best loading job.

Just then, lightning hit the water. My dad was in the water. I can say that 2 people have walked on water. My dad is 6’2″ tall. When the lightning hit the water he cleared the 16 foot boat in about 3 seconds and never touched bottom. All we saw was legs flailing around as he ran out of the water.

All he had to say was, “Damn, that hurt.”

We got in the truck and rode out the rest of the storm. Scott and I were in the bed of the truck under the camper shell. It did little good at keeping us dry. A few weeks earlier Denny came to a hard stop and one of his dogs had hit the front window and broke it. So we had rain running in the broken window.

Powdered donuts and DR. Pepper were close by. We joked about the storm while the adults smoked in the cab. When the stormed passed we got out to finish loading up.

Denny’s boat had started to sink from the rain it caught. His trolling motor and battery were completely submerged. But it still worked. We loaded everything up and got out of there before the day got any worse.

This is seriously my favorite memory from childhood. I have no idea why. It was an awesome day. I completely understand where i get my parenting style. I look forward to the day Ricky gets to have a stupid story with me to share.

Mt. Rushmore, Fishing and the Hills

This weekend was a busy one. What was supposed to be pretty laid back turned into a pretty busy time. Friday was the busiest day, but also the most fun.

It started off as a plan to go to a preschool graduation party for my son, Ricky. It was a good time, and watching him was a blast. The ceremony simple and contained some Lakota songs, which was cool. Living on the reservation has been fun for that cultur lesson.

After his graduation, I had the opportunity to talk to a book store, Black Hills Books and Tresures, in Hot Springs, about carrying Morgan Goes Fishing. It will be available on June 1st, so I am trying to find sellers. I was lucky enough to leave with a small order for my books. She even offered me a chance at some side work. Score!

Next we wound up going for a drive in the Black Hills. We ended up going by Mount Rushmore as a surprise for Ricky. Even as he read the signs as we got closer, I had convinced him it was just the route we were driving.

This made for a happy little Little herd. The girls loved seeing the presidents and Ricky decided he wanted to be President one day. I hope he changes mind.

The rest of the weekend was fishing and hanging out with the kids. Ricky turned into quite the little fisherman. Morgan and Bella both had a blast and the kids asked when I am going to write my next book, while quoting me Morgan Goes Fishing. It was fun.

It was a lot busier than we had planned. Some things aren’t really worth talking about. 143 hours of driving doesn’t make for good story telling. We visited the hills, saw some cool sites and enjoyed some much needed family time. We needed that.

JUNE 1ST, 2018, Morgan Goes Fishing

I have set a release date for Morgan Goes Fishing. This is a fun early reader book about a little girl going fishing with her dad. It includes the thoughts and actions of a 3 year old. She dances, she plays, she gets distracted. Morgan Goes Fishing has 2 coloring pages at the end of the story, so kids can make their own version of Morgan and enjoy it a little extra.

All first run books are going to be available on Createspace on June 1st. An ebook version will be available as well. But, who doesn’t like the feel of a book in their hands. More details will come as we close in on the launch.

Book Proofs

I have been working on a book since December, Morgan Goes Fishing. It’s nothing big, but my kids have really enjoyed it. I have gotten the seal of approval from them on each illustration and it was inspired by my daughter Morgan, so she loves that.

A couple nights ago I got the digital proof done. I think it looks pretty good. I went ahead and ordered a few hard copies just to make sure it looked okay.

One of the things I did at the end was include 2 pages into it for coloring. It has been a really gun project. I have a second book ready for illustrations, but financially we aren’t there yet.

The cover photo of this post is just one of my coloring pages. I hope to get an ebook launched in the nect few days and follow it with a paperback soon after.

Hiking, Beer and Freeze-Dried Food

Hiking can mean a lot of different things to people. For some, it’s a way to stay in shape. Others, it’s a lifestyle. Hiker trash is a name for a reason. Others still just do it to have some fun and get away for a weekend.

My cousin Scott and I had a lot of good hikes. We tried hiking in all seasons. It wasn’t always great. Then there was Michigan. We didn’t get much hiking done because I had a knee issue that was flared up pretty good at the time. We still had fun.

The drive was only about 3 hours to the trail head so it wasn’t too bad. However, the car we were driving in had dropped the exhaust and was so loud we decided to wear earplugs since we had a longer drive to make. We loaded the gear up in the car and took off.

We had rented a little cabin for the first night since we got up there late. So we checked in and Scott broke out the vodka. I was not a drinker. But, what the heck. We drank the bottle down, and I spent the night making trips to the bathroom.

Around 12:30 a.m. we had a knock on the door. It was the manager, who was also drunk, bringing us some cookies. Score for us: we had vodka and cookies. We were two happy, drunken idiots.

The next morning, we got up and hit the trail head. After spending about a half hour packing the bags up and sorting out what we decided we would for sure need and what we didn’t, we headed into the woods. My knee swelled up almost immediately, so we stopped about a mile and a half in. Not too far.

We had come across a little pond and decided that would be a good place to set up camp. We threw up a tent, grabbed a fishing pole, and rummaged through to find our food packs. They were nowhere to be seen.

We hiked back to the car to see if we could find them. Nothing. The trunk was empty and we were without food. Scott suggested we head in to town again and get something to eat. So off we went to town.

When we got there, we looked around for a store that was open, only to find one place. A small bag of freeze dried beef stroganoff was about $10 and I was not going to spend that to buy noodles. I hate noodles. I bought the beer.

We got back to the campsite a little before dark and I went fishing. I caught a few small bluegill and cut them up for dinner. We made a little camp fire and cooked our gourmet dinner. Pond water stroganoff and a sliver of fish.

When we went to eat, we realized we had no sort of silverware. We looked on the ground to find some suitable sticks to eat with. Then we opened a beer and made an attempt at eating.

Scott had the stroganoff. Eating that out of the bag turned in to one of the most hilarious sights of my life. He had one stick to work with and pasta does not always like to cooperate. Finally, after some laughter and frustration he decided he would just pour it in his mouth.

I took a bite of my fish and heard Scott start laughing. He had started dumping the stroganoff in his mouth and began laughing, causing him to choke. I looked up just in time to see a very large noodle shoot about halfway out of Scott’s nose. That was a sight to see.

After he pulled that the rest of the way out of his nose, we finished eating. It was an interesting meal. The rest of the night was spent talking around the fire and drinking the rest of the 6 pack.

Now keep in mind, I don’t drink. It was a 6 pack and we split it. I had 3 bottles of beer and was unable to stand up straight. I tried to go to the bathroom and tipped over backward. Luckily there was a very heroic 3-foot tall pine sapling there to save me. I am 6 feet tall and was about 185 pounds at the time.

After nearly falling into the campfire, I made it back to my stump and sat down. We talked and laughed a little longer and decided it was time to go to bed. We made our way to the tent and passed out pretty quick.

Sunrise came early the next morning. But, there are few places better than the woods for sleep. We woke up ready to hit the trail. Unfortunately, it was to head home. We packed up and made our way back to the car.

We stuffed in our ear plugs, cranked the radio and headed home. Getting into town, we stopped for breakfast at this little hole-in-the-wall restaurant. It had a nice little breakfast buffet and plenty of options.

We made our plates and sat down to eat. Between the two of us, we had touched every single serving spoon on the buffet. After a second helping, I went to the restroom. That was when I realized what we had done. We had not taken the time to wash our hands or anything before we sat down to eat.

We had fish guts, ash, stroganoff and dirt on our hands when we got our food. I went back to the table laughing and told Scott what I had realized. He looked down at his hands, laughed and said, “Well, we just got this place shut down.”

Thankfully, they did not get shut down, but we felt terrible. Before we left, we used the restrooms to brush our teeth and get cleaned up a little, which is a step that we now put first. Then we headed on home.

It was a fun trip. We learned a few things, did some stupid things, and had a lot of laughs. A few days after we got home I got a call from Scott. He had found the food packs we had taken with us. 6 packs of food were all in the car with the pack of plastic forks and spoons. It had fallen under the spare tire cover and been hidden.

I don’t get to hike like I did with Scott. We had a lot of good times. Sometimes the best thing someone can do is just go out and get away. Things may not go according to plan, but that is sometimes where the fun begins. Go have it.