Simple ghost hunt tools

As you all know I am a bit of a spook enthusiast. I have spent years reading, watching and learning about our mysterious friends. Over the years I have seen a lot of tools used. I use two that have always done well and i have one that I am experimenting with, I won’t recommend it until I know more.

I am of the mentality, if a place is haunted, it’s always haunted. Fancy tools aren’t needed to prove it. So I keep it simple.

My personal favorite is a mini maglight like this.

This is about as simple as it gets. A good twist top to turn on and you are up and running. All you have to do is loosen the top to the point of needing slight contact to turn the light on.

When you start answering simple yes and no questions, you will get a response in the form of a light being turned on. The first time I had this work for myself, I freaked out a little. I asked the question, “If you are here with me, turn on the light.” It listened. I was not prepared for that for some reason.

Next, I prefer a simple digital voice recorder. Preferably something that can be connected to a computer for easier review. One like this is fine

Really, on these, cheap is fine. The more you spend the finer the sound, but if you are just getting started, this is great. I have picked up spurred footsteps, wagon wheel squeaking and knocking on even the cheapest one i could find.

I am experimenting with a laser grid. So far i haven’t had much luck. But you won’t always anyway.

A lot of people use apps or their recorder on their phone. I personally don’t trust them. I don’t know why. If you know a good app to try, let me know and I will for sure check it out. I’m openminded.

If you want to check do a hunt, you really can use the simplest of tools. You will learn what you prefer. Don’t be discouraged if it isn’t high end stuff. It’ll still do the job.

It’s Friday, which means it’s exploration night. Go out and do a lite exploring too. Have some fun, but stay safe.


The Dancing Ghost

I have been doing a little research into local spooks lately to find some places for a ghost hunt. There are a lot of really good resources for just such a thing. Living near a Lakota Reservation, I have taken a lot of extra precautions to not upset the locals. Most of the stories are linked to their traditions, and I don’t want to be disrespectful.

We started a while back with a couple really disappointing trips. I try to include my kids in them since my son has already had countless paranormal experiences. If it gets to intense, I also have a very fair way to get out. “Oh dang, the kids are scared.”

This logic failed me last night. We were out to find the old cemetery with a tale of a dancing ghost. The legend is that there is a tall male spirit that dances into the road.  It is known to make eye contact with the occupants of the car as they pass by, and he is said to have glowing red eyes.

The road is said to be built on an old burial ground. On the right hand side sits 2 smaller cemeteries. The energy in the area itself is interesting. We didn’t see the dancing man, but we did have an interesting experience.

As we drove by, you could feel an eerie feeling. There were the typical lights in the small graveyards, set there by the loved ones of the deceased. Neither of the 2 cemeteries had any noticeable activity.

We drove back to the edge of town and I decided to explain the legend to my wife. If I tell her before we go, she protests. While I was explaining the tale to Abbie, I started feeling compelled to turn around and explore some more.

Just as this feeling started, I experienced what felt like someone scratching my chest.  It was a sharp enough pain I pulled over to see what was wrong. When I turned on the light in the car to check my chest, I didn’t see anything, but the burning grew more intense.

This was an interesting thing for me. I have seen things, heard things, and had them sit on my bed. I have never felt a burning like this before. It was just over my heart and it burned like fire. Like I said, interesting.

I will be looking into more information on what this legend is said to be, and if there are more stories to go along with mine. I will be making a trip back to do a late night investigation soon. Again, this is Sioux land. I have to be respectful, and careful of drunken encounters. That’s a much bigger risk.

If you have any information on what may have done this, please let me know. Like I said, I will be doing a little more digging to see if I can get more information. Since we left i haven’t experienced anymore burning, so that’s good. Anyway, stay tuned for next weeks story. We are going to look for a haunted car that is said to follow you.

Have a great week.



Ghost Hunt; My Son’s Room

A while back i said I will be starting a ghost exploration weekly posting. I have had no luck getting any good stories. But, this week is different. I didn’t have to leave the house. What I did discover is one simple thing, I need equipment.

Thursday night, my wife and I were sitting up getting things done. I was working on a book and she was writing lesson plans for school. The 3 kids were all asleep in bed, and our dogs were asleep at my feet. The videos we had been watching on Youtube had stopped, so the house was dead quiet. You could hear a pin drop.

In this case, we heard the furniture slide. We looked at each other, both knowing we heard something slide across the floor. Abbie, my wife, went to check on the kids. I went to check the outside of the house. Suddenly, I heard Abbie yell, “Dan, get in here. NOW!”

Crap, she found something. I walked to the Laundry room to find Abbie standing frozen in my son’s bedroom doorway. She simply pointed and said, “It’s the dresser.” I looked over and sure enough, the dresser had been pushed across the floor. It was only a couple inches, but here is why it’s a problem.

The dresser is pushed up tight against the basement door. The basement is empty, with the exception of a couple old pieces of furniture. My son has been terrified of his room since we moved in.

We are a Christian family, so we began praying with him before bedtime. This helped him feel safe and it stopped the nightmares he was having. We were good with this result.

I walked over to the dresser and it was pushed out about two inches from the door. The door opens into my sons room, so the dresser has to be moved to pull the door open. We put an eye hook lock on the door to keep it from opening as well. There is about two inches at the most the door can move with the eye hook latched.

The dresser had been moved out about two inches and at the angle which the door opens. I left it pulled out and pulled out my camera on my phone and downloaded s spirit box just to see if I could make any contact.

After Abbie moved Ricky to my daughter’s room I started asking questions. I asked for a name, Nothing. I asked if they had a problem with us being in the house, Nothing. I asked if they wanted us out of the house, nothing.

I decided to try opening the basement door. When i did this I heard, without a doubt, “HI”. Then i felt a cold draft come up out of the door. It was a cool night and it’s a basement. I wasn’t too surprised. But there is also no airflow down there.

My sons room was 63 degrees and there is no external access to the basement. A cold air is possible, but not overly likely. Pretty interesting stuff.

I told my wife I need to get some equipment to set up for a more detailed evaluation. I want to get a good digital recorder and a spirit box. I’m not 100% sold on the spirit box concept, but I have seen some compelling evidence. I also want to get a small twist top flashlight.

When I get these, I plan to open the basement door up and try to get them to talk to me. Hopefully I can share some of the captures here for a more in depth story for everyone. I am also reaching out to locals to see about good places to go for different hunts.

I will be bringing you more. Stay tuned. If you have any recommendations on equipment and where I can get a good deal, let me know. I work with a very tight budget so I need to plan out when I can buy it.

Have a great week.


A Museum Haunt

I have recently decided to take each Friday and do a haunted event of some kind. One day I will turn something up. This one isn’t for anything more than to feed my fascination. I have always had fun with the unknown.

I have worked in many haunted locations. Deadwood, South Dakota brought me many opportunities. My favorite part of it was working at a trio of haunted museums. We had the Days of 76, The Adams Museum, and the Adams House. I was lucky enough to do spend time at all three.

In October the Adams House does a guided haunted tour. It is in an 1892 Queen Anne Victorian home. It is an amazing house. It is a busy house, and it is a blast.

Apart from the history there are the ghosts. There are the sounds, the sights, the smells. It’s all there. During the tours I was working the gift shop to take admissions and the supervisor asked me to take the midnight tour.

We got hands on with the ghosts. The tools used were fascinating by themselves. What got me was the stuff we didn’t need equipment to see. It did however end with a visit from the police and fire department.

It was our 10:00 pm tour and it had been a quiet night. There was the occasional E.V.P. but nothing to exciting. All of the sudden our fire alarm system started going off. We had to evacuate the house.

When the fire department showed up, they had to do a full inspection of the house. They found that an alarm had been tripped in the smoking lounge of the house. This was in a roped off room, in the 3rd floor of this house.

According to reports of the tour group a guest had asked for a sign of any presence in the house. The alarm immediately went off, along with the faint smell of cigar smoke. Unfortunately, I could not be in this group. I can just go with the reports of 15-20 people.

Throughout the night I did get the opportunity to listen to various E.V.P’s captured by the crew. They had captured intelligent responses to questions and sounds that shouldn’t have been in a silent house. It was awesome.

For me, the best part was the flashlight. If you ever want a cheap and simple tool to use for a ghost hunting session, use a flash light. The kind that the tip screws in and out to turn on and off. I will say that this is DEFINITELY effective.

We placed a flashlight on the bed with the tip unscrewed to the point it had to be pushed to make the light come on. We started asking simple questions. The goal was to talk the spirit into communicating with us by pressing the light. Again, the light would only come on when contact was made with the light.

The group members would ask questions then tell the spirit to touch the light to let us know it was there. The first time I assumed it was a fluke. After the answering of 5 questions and seeing the light come on in the middle of an empty bed, I was convinced.

I have used digital recorders and flashlights effectively in my hunts. If you want to do it, DO IT. Go out and find a good haunt. If you are ever in Deadwood, South Dakota, go to the museums I mentioned before. You won’t be disappointed.

I tried a haunted drive last week and it was a major bust. I am working on other places to check out now. I have a few good stories from the past, like the one tonight. These will fill in for my disappointing weeks.

I will for sure be sharing the new stories as they come. These will be probably on a Saturday or Sunday so keep an eye out. If you hear of a good place to check out, let me know. If I can find the funds I will travel to a few spots.

I have to replace my recorder. A “friend” stole the one I had awesome recordings on. I will be investing in another flashlight. Most importantly, I am getting back out there. Stay tuned for more fun. Until next week my fellow spook enthusiasts.